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"Comrades, some two weeks ago the forces of Commander Skywalker engaged a large Imperial fleet near Bespin. The intended target was the Super-class star destroyer Enforcer, flagship of Admiral Kohrin and his second fleet."
―Commander Fenris[1]

The Enforcer was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought and the flagship of Admiral Kohrin and his second fleet. One of the grandest starships in the Galactic Empire, it was damaged in a Rebel ambush led by Commander Luke Skywalker near Bespin. The Super Star Destroyer underwent repairs above the Imperial planet Phaylenn for two weeks before finally being destroyed by Rebel forces under Commander Fenris.


The Enforcer was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought[1] that served as the flagship of Admiral Kohrin's second fleet and was considered to be one of the Galactic Empire's grandest starships. Although a fleet designed to overcome an Imperial-class Star Destroyer was no match for the Enforcer, the Super Star Destroyer could only operate as well as an Imperial after being badly damaged.[2]


"While our Imperial friends are busy bombing us out of existence, Enforcer sits almost helpless above Phaylenn. Like a proverbial sitting duck. As you may have guessed, we have been ordered to head at once to Phaylenn and engage the Enforcer again. This time, she won't be as lucky as she was before."
―Commander Fenris[1]

During the Galactic Civil War, the Enforcer was targeted by forces under Commander Luke Skywalker of the Rebel Alliance. The Enforcer and its fleet, under the command of Admiral Kohrin, were attacked by Skywalker's forces near Bespin in an attempt to exterminate the Super Star Destroyer. Imperial reinforcements arrived at the last moment and turned the tide of the battle in the Empire's favor, saving the Enforcer from destruction. Though Skywalker was forced to order his ships to withdraw, the Enforcer sustained considerable damage from the attack and made its way to an orbital repair facility above the Imperial-held world Phaylenn.[2]

For the next two weeks, the Enforcer underwent extensive reconstruction at Phaylenn. Meanwhile, the rest of Kohrin's fleet joined Imperial forces in wiping out the Rebel presence in the Ahlenn system. However, the Rebels, who had already evacuated Ahlenn two months prior, formulated a plan to finish off the defenseless Enforcer at Phaylenn. A fleet large enough to overwhelm an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, led by Alliance Commander Fenris, soon engaged the Enforcer and a force of TIE fighters defending Phaylenn. The Enforcer, only as functional as a typical Imperial Star Destroyer in its present condition,[2] was easily destroyed by Fenris's fleet, and the resulting explosion obliterated Phaylenn's repair facility as well.[3]

Commanders and crew[]

The Enforcer was commanded by Admiral Kohrin during the Galactic Civil War, and served as Kohrin's flagship in his second fleet.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

A damaged Star Destroyer at Phaylenn

The Enforcer was created for the Star Wars D6 roleplaying adventure "Starfighters Down" by William W. Connors, published in the magazine Challenge 38 in 1989. Since the Enforcer was published in material unlicensed by Lucasfilm Ltd., the status of its canonicity remains dubious.[2]

In the adventure, the players take on the roles of a group of Rebel operatives assigned to work with Fenris's fleet. During the battle above Phaylenn, the ship carrying the players is shot down and crashes on the surface of the planet. If the players' ship is large enough, the gamemaster has the option of allowing the Enforcer to be the ship that shoots it down. The adventure also features an illustration by artist Rick Harris, depicting a battered Star Destroyer docked at a facility above Phaylenn. This illustration may have been intended to represent the Enforcer, but since the image depicts a regular Star Destroyer as opposed to a Super Star Destroyer, this cannot be the case.[2]


Notes and references[]

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