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Engineer TotG

An Ugnaught engineer

"Sentient creatures can believe whatever they want—but too often they confuse their hopes and dreams with cold, hard reality. I don't have that luxury. As an engineer, I'm only concerned with what works."
Kuat of Kuat[src]

An engineer was a person involved in construction, design, or the use of engines or machines.


Battlefield engineers TCG

Rebel battlefield engineers

Military engineers were technology specialists who focused their energy on making repairs in the field. They were often part of a combat unit and were trained to make rapid repairs and adjustments in highly stressful situations—even while under fire.

Starship engineers were members of a starship's crew who maintained the ship's systems. In combat, the engineer could reroute power to increase speed or shielding, and repair or jury-rig battle-damaged systems.

Other types of engineers included:

Notable engineersEdit

Zabrak engineer

A Zabrak engineer

Bao-Dur was a military engineer during the Mandalorian Wars and later a companion of the Jedi Exile.

Walex Blissex was a starship engineer who designed all kinds of craft, from starfighters to battleships, and earned the title of doctor. Another prominent starship engineer was Raith Sienar, who ran Sienar Fleet Systems where he designed the TIE fighter.

Massad Thrumble was an engineer, and the Imperial spy Lucius Rothingham was a former engineer.

Engineering-related groups included the Republic Combat Engineer Battalion and the Imperial Engineers Academy. The later of which trained Imperial Combat Engineers. Each Special missions platoon had one Engineering squad.

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The Engineer class is a class of soldiers in the video game Star Wars: Battlefront II.



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Imperial engineer

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