An engineering squad was a basic deployment formation of the Imperial Army. They received extensive tech training, with many of them being demolitions and repair experts, although Crix Madine, a former Imperial officer, disputed this claim.[2]


The squads were a mixture of specialists trained in non-combat skills with a little combat training, and experienced combat veterans with cross-training in useful skills. Engineering squads were expected to find a way to penetrate enemy defenses, or circumvent any battlefield obstacle they came across. They were also required to be able to operate, repair, or destroy any equipment encountered in the field. At least one soldier in the squad was a veteran from a sharpshooter squad, skilled in demolitions and other combat related talents. The demolition expert posed a dual threat.[1]

Engineering squads carried a variety of equipment, but there was no standard. Thermal detonators and other explosives were in common supply, as well as medpacs and Sensor Array, Portable units. They were issued with standard blasters, and as much hardware as they could requisition, steal, or build.[1] Similar to the sharpshooter squad members, members of the engineering squads were drawn from among the Special Missions troopers.[2]


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