Ennth was a planet that, every eight years, was wreaked by enormous groundquakes, tidal waves, and volcanic eruptions. Ennth's moon was pulled in an orbit so that every eight years it would get sucked so close to the planet that the two atmospheres would connect, causing huge natural disasters that lasted for several months. The colonists of Ennth usually chose to stay in crowded orbital refugee stations until the surface settled once more. Volunteers from around the galaxy would often help with the evacuation of people, supplies and belongings to the stations; Peckhum was known to have helped for at least one evacuation with his ship, the Lightning Rod.

Many were inevitably killed in the disasters, often staying a little too long on the surface retrieving those last few possessions, or grabbing that one last item of importance in a building that then collapsed on them, and the like.

After the cycle of disaster occurred, settlements were rebuilt in the aftermath of the wreckage and named after the previous settlement. One example includes this sequence: Hopetown, New Hopetown, Newer Hopetown, Newest Hopetown, Another Hopetown.

Ennth was the home planet of the Jedi Knight Zekk.

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In Elaine Cunningham's novel The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey, Ennth was mistakenly spelled as Ennta.

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