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"As I served you in the old wars, I serve you now."
―Enric Pryde, to Darth Sidious — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

Enric Pryde, also known by the callsign Steadfast, was a human male officer who held the military rank of Allegiant General in the First Order during the First Order-Resistance War. In the last days of the conflict, Pryde was appointed as the commanding officer of the Final Order—a fleet of Xyston-class Star Destroyers—by the reborn Galactic Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. Occupying a position of power and privilege, Pryde was a high-ranking First Order officer who wielded authority over the ground and naval forces of the First Order military. Pryde's flagship, the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Steadfast, was named in honor of the vessel he commanded during his time in the Imperial Navy.

A native of the planet Alsakan, Pryde was born during the twilight of the Galactic Republic and was raised under the reign of the Galactic Empire. Pryde personally witnessed Darth Vader in action as a young fleet officer, and eventually became a captain of a battlegroup in the Imperial Navy. As such, his ideology was shaped by the principles of the New Order and became a veteran of the Imperial Military. At the end of the Galactic Civil War, Pryde joined an exodus of Imperial officers, nobles and technologists into the Unknown Regions which refused to accept the outcome of the war after the Empire defeat to the forces of the New Republic.

Pryde eventually became a High Colonel of one such holdout in the Unknown Regions that maintained a covert but close relationship with the Corporate Sector Authority, who provided secret funding to the remnant. At one point its command structure had assigned Pryde, code-named Steadfast, to work with the CSA. The Sith Eternal, a Sith cult that resided on the dark desert planet of Exegol, instructed the Jedi hunter Ochi of Bestoon to seek out Steadfast during the hunt for Dathan, Miramir, and their daughter Rey. Using his authority in the CSA, Pryde provided Ochi with a contingent of CSA troopers.

Pryde would go on to join a successor state of the Old Empire, the First Order, where he longed to return to the High Human culture and civilization in the galaxy of his youth and served as part of a second wave of leadership that Supreme Leader Snoke kept in reserve after the unveiling of Starkiller Base. After Snoke's death, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren supported Pryde's career at the expense of their rival, General Armitage Hux.

While the mysticism of Snoke and Ren were foreign to him, as were the dark side rituals of Sith cultists, Pryde was interested in the material benefits of the Sith Eternal they offered to the military. As a member of the Supreme Council, he supported Ren's alliance with the cult and personally executed Hux for committing espionage against the First Order just to get revenge on Supreme Leader Ren. When Ren's mission to Kef Bir ended with his redemption, Pryde assumed command in the absence of a Supreme Leader. Having served the Emperor in the Galactic Civil War, Pryde once again swore his allegiance to his Emperor and was given command of the Sith fleet, comprising thousands of Sith Star Destroyers, fitted with axial superlaser cannons that were capable of obliterating entire planets. Pryde, however, perished when his command ship was destroyed by Resistance forces during the Battle of Exegol. Without the Steadfast, the Sith warships were unable to leave Exegol, resulting in the Sith fleet's destruction by the Resistance navy and their allies.


Early life[]

Enric Pryde was born on the planet Alsakan[1] in 27 BBY.[2] By 11 BBY,[6] Pryde had achieved advanced placement in the Alsakan Academy.[1]

Imperial service[]

During the Imperial Era, Enric Pryde served in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire. He was posted on the Star Destroyer Steadfast from 6 BBY. As a young fleet officer, Pryde personally witnessed Darth Vader in action. After the Steadfast was destroyed at the Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY, Pryde fled into the Unknown Regions[1] as other Imperial officers had done after the New Republic defeated the Empire on Jakku.[7]

Post-Empire career[]

"Go to Basta Core. There you will meet an agent. Steadfast. He will assist."
―A Sith Eternal cultist, to Ochi[5]

Pryde was a captain in his battlegroup at the time of the Battle of Jakku. With the deaths of his superior officers, Pryde asserted his authority over the remaining members of his battlegroup as their new commander and self-appointed high colonel. He still held the rank of high colonel[5] by 21 ABY,[8] at which point he worked toward the goal of reuniting the disparate remnants of the old Galactic Empire, believing that what the galaxy needed most was order and stability. The Imperial remnant that Pryde served maintained a covert relationship with the Corporate Sector Authority.[5]

Pryde used the code name "Steadfast" while working with the CSA to conceal the remnant's connection to the company. During a CSA mission on Basta Core, Steadfast was sought out by Ochi of Bestoon, a Jedi hunter who looked to the Imperial veteran for assistance in the hunt for Dathan and Miramir, and their daughter Rey. Pryde granted Ochi three platoons—a full company of CSA troopers—and a transport, despite Viceprex Coromun whose objections were overruled by the high colonel. Later, however, Pryde rejected Ochi's demands for another detachment of CSA troops, and warned the hunter to stay away from the Corporate Sector.[5]

Rise of the First Order[]

In reserve[]

A veteran of the Imperial Military, Enric Pryde rose through the First Order's ranks during the reign of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Enric Pryde, now a veteran of the Imperial Military, joined the First Order,[1] a military junta[9] established by former Imperial officers, nobles, technologists,[10] and warlords after the Empire's defeat on Jakku.[11]

Eventually many former leaders, like Pryde, gave way for the rise of a new leader, in the form of Supreme Leader Snoke. While the mysticism of his powers were alien to him, Pryde knew more about the Supreme Leader's machinations than many of his peers, and used his power and insights to cement his own power. However, Pryde eventually came to suspect that Supreme Leader Snoke himself was subservient to an unknown force.[1]

In 28 ABY,[12] Snoke gave Pryde command of a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, which was named the "Steadfast" by Pryde in honor of the Star Destroyer he served aboard during the days of the Galactic Empire. Pryde was part of a second wave of leadership in the First Order kept in reserve by Supreme Leader Snoke during the unveiling of Starkiller Base,[13] which Pryde would later come to regard as an error due to the loss of resources and men.[4]

Kylo Ren's reign[]

Promotion to Allegiant General[]

Pryde was promoted to the rank of Allegiant General by Snoke's successor, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.

After the death of Snoke, his former apprentice Kylo Ren, who had secretly assassinated Snoke himself but instead had implicated Rey as Snoke's murderer, became the new Supreme Leader of the First Order, coercing his and Pryde's rival, General Armitage Hux into following him. Pryde was left as one of the most senior officers in the First Order High Command and commanded reserve forces. While rebuilding his command, Ren discovered the reserve forces under Pryde's leadership and brought Pryde to the fore, eventually making him a member of the Supreme Council he formed. Pryde knew far more about the machinations of Supreme Leader Snoke and the late Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious than his cohorts, which he used towards his advantage to cement his power.[1] One of Ren's acts as Supreme Leader was to award the rank of Allegiant General to Pryde, granting the Imperial veteran command over both services of the First Order military. General Hux considered the promotion of Pryde as a public slight against his person, given his past rivalry with Ren.[14]

A transmission from the unknown[]
"He's gone mad. Flames of rebellion burn across the galaxy, and Ren chases a ghost."
"No. Someone was behind that transmission. And Leader Ren will answer to no one."
―Armitage Hux and Enric Pryde[15]

In the year after the Battle of Crait, a mysterious broadcast with the voice of the late Emperor Palpatine, the public identity of Darth Sidious, swept out across the galaxy. Deeming the Emperor's return as a potential threat to his rule, Ren diverted his attention from the Resistance and sought ways to track down the Emperor's whereabouts. The Supreme Leader became aware that he required a Sith wayfinder to do so, leading Ren to go, accompanied by Pryde and Hux, to the volcanic planet of Mustafar, once ruled by Vader from his personal stronghold, Fortress Vader. Upon arriving there, Ren and a stormtrooper squad engaged in a fight with the Alazmec of Winsit, a tenacious sect of Sith cultists devoted to protecting Corvax Fen and who venerated Vader as a deity of the dark side, while Pryde and Hux watched from a safe distance. As the fight ensued, Pryde asked Hux if he didn't like to see Ren fighting. When Hux expressed his opinion that Ren had gone mad due prioritizing a ghost's chase over the burning rebellion flames across the galaxy, Pryde reminded Hux that there was someone behind the message and that Ren would answer to no one due to the sacrifices he made to gain his power.[15]

Alliance with the Sith Eternal[]
"They've conjured legions of Star Destroyers. The Sith fleet will increase our resources ten-thousandfold! Such range in power will correct the error of Starkiller Base."
―Enric Pryde, to the Supreme Council, regarding the Final Order[4]

Pryde argued in support of an alliance between the First Order and the Sith Eternal during a meeting of the Supreme Council.

Ren eventually made his way to Fortress Vader and recovered his grandfather's wayfinder, which he used to track down the Emperor. After discovering that Darth Sidious had brought himself back to life, his followers in the Sith Eternal, and their built up forces on Exegol, and learning that there was a spy within the First Order who had sent a message to the Resistance, Kylo Ren presented the head of Boolio before Pryde and the rest of the Supreme Council and informed them of his findings during a meeting on the Steadfast. General Domaric Quinn expressed skepticism of the cult, dismissing them as soothsayers and conjurers, but Pryde supported the First Order's alliance with the Sith Eternal, and scoldingly told the former technologist Imperial junior officer that the Final Order would increase their resources ten thousandfold before snidely remarking that it would "correct the error" of Starkiller Base while glaring at General Hux.[4]

After discovering that the Resistance was operating on Pasaana, Leader Ren ordered Allegiant General Pryde to prepare his ship and notify their local forces on Pasaana of the Resistance's presence. General Hux later discussed the mission to Pasaana with Allegiant General Pryde, noting that the First Order had experienced considerable losses under the command of the Knights of Ren. Hux presented their captured prisoner, Chewbacca, to Pryde, who ordered he be locked up in the detention block.[4]

Pryde executed General Armitage Hux for treason after deducing that the young officer was a spy.

After the Resistance's mission to Kijimi, during which time Hux had helped Commander Poe Dameron and Finn return to the Millennium Falcon and escape the Steadfast, Hux reported to Pryde that the Resistance fighters had forced him to help them escape. However, Pryde saw through Hux's lie and, having realized that Hux was the spy, executed him on the spot before having the Supreme Leader informed of Hux's betrayal and espionage. Pryde also told Ren that the Sith dagger, upon which there was an inscription of the location of one of the Sith wayfinders, now in the Resistance's possession, had been scanned during the captivity of the Wookiee, allowing Ren to track Rey to Kef Bir, where the Jedi aspirant hoped to uncover a Sith wayfinder that would lead her straight to the Emperor.[4]

Leading the First Order[]

Destruction of Kijimi[]

"Send a ship to a world they know. Let it burn."
―Darth Sidious, to Allegiant General Enric Pryde[4]

Pryde declared his loyalty to Darth Sidious, the Emperor whom he served during the Galactic Civil War.

Kylo Ren renounced the dark side after his mother, Princess Leia Organa, sacrificed herself to reach out to him during a duel with Rey on Kef Bir, assuming his identity as Ben Solo once more. Sometime later, Darth Sidious discussed this turn of events with General Pryde over a hologram. The Emperor ordered the Allegiant General to come to him on Exegol, and Pryde pledged himself to Sidious, reminding the Sith Lord that he served him during the[4] Old Wars,[15] and now would do so again. Pryde's declaration thus[4] cemented the alliance between the First Order and Sith cultists.[16] The Emperor then informed the Allegiant General that he was sending him a Xyston-class Star Destroyer and ordered him to send it to a planet with ties to the Resistance. General Pryde had the Star Destroyer sent to Kijimi, which it subsequently destroyed.[4]

Downfall over Exegol[]

"They're targeting the navigation tower so the fleet can't deploy!"
"Then we won't use that tower. Switch out the source of the navigation signal to this ship. We will guide the fleet out ourselves."
―A First Order officer and Enric Pryde, during the Battle of Exegol[4]

Pryde commanded the Sith Eternal's fleet, the Final Order, during the Battle of Exegol.

Allegiant General Pryde arrived on Exegol sometime before the Battle of Exegol, where the Steadfast acted as the command ship of the Sith fleet. A Resistance attack was launched in the hopes to prevent the Sith Star Destroyers from sowing chaos across the galaxy. After learning from a fellow officer that the Resistance was targeting the navigation tower on Exegol, Pryde had the source of the navigation signal needed for the Sith fleet to deploy from Exegol switched to the Steadfast, declaring that they would guide the fleet out themselves. However, Resistance General Finn realized that the signal had been transferred to the Steadfast, and the Resistance's ground team concocted a daring plan to land on the hull of the Steadfast. Pryde had legions of Sith troopers and Sith Jetpack Troopers deployed to repel any boarders and also ordered a bridge technician to jam the Resistance speeders, only to be informed that they were not using speeders; rather, to Pryde's astonishment, the Resistance mounted a cavalry charge on orbaks against the Sith troopers, causing a battle to break out on the ship's hull.[4]

Pryde was further baffled when another fleet comprised of thousands of ships arrived to reinforce the Resistance, wanting to know where such a vast amount of ships had come from, given that the Resistance had no navy. Admiral Griss, also in attendance, shocked Pryde by remarking that it wasn't a navy, but the ordinary people of the galaxy, rising up and coming together to turn back the darkness that threatened them.[4]

When Finn and Jannah were successful in shutting down the transmitter, the Resistance prepared to depart the ship, having beaten back a multitude of Sith troopers. However, the First Order officer merely gave the order to reset the Steadfast's systems, which Finn caught on to. He and Jannah chose to stay on the ship to destroy it while the rest of the ground team escaped.[4]

The Resistance destroyed the Sith fleet's command ship, the Steadfast, killing Allegiant General Pryde in the process.

Holding back the Sith troopers, Finn and Jannah successfully destroyed the Steadfast by turning its turbolasers against the ship itself, corresponding with the final demise of Darth Sidious at the hands of Rey. As the Steadfast began to crumble under its own firepower, Pryde ran towards the front of the bridge and stared out at the Sith fleet as it was overwhelmed and destroyed by the allied fleet. Pryde did not have long to despair, however, as a massive explosion consumed the bridge of the Steadfast, killing all present on it and hurling Pryde's lifeless body through the viewport.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Where did they get all these fighter craft? They have no navy."
"It's not a navy, sir, it's just… people."
―Enric Pryde and Frantis Griss, during the battle at Exegol[4]

Pryde longed to return to the "High Human" culture that flourished under the Galactic Empire.

Enric Pryde longed for the return of the Galactic Empire and authority to the galaxy. Pryde favorably remembered the spectacle that was the Empire Day parades. Pryde recognized that he knew more about Darth Sidious and Snoke's machinations than most of his cohorts and used it to maintain his own power.[1]

Unlike his First Order allies, Pryde displayed a tolerance for mysticism but refused to voice his opinions. When the First Order joined forces with the Sith Eternal, he was ambitious to use their forces while most of the First Order clashed with their new allies. Pryde viewed the arcane behavior of the Sith Eternal as by-products of a thirst for power. Unlike more arrogant officers, he knew not to disrespect these beliefs and respected them as he had personally seen Darth Vader in action with his own two eyes.[1] General Hux speculated that Pryde had something about him that kept him unafraid, immune, and safe when informing Supreme Leader Kylo Ren of bad news, and that it kept him from being Force choked or beheaded and was right as it was his competence that kept him alive.[15]

As a First Order officer, Enric Pryde was a calm yet highly intelligent and ruthless general. Although Pryde served the Order faithfully, he had a disdain for the gruesome and horrible aspects of it.[1] After the Resistance fighters escaped the Steadfast, Pryde was the first officer to identify General Hux's betrayal as the spy against the First Order and ruthlessly executed him on the spot without hesitation, showing no remorse for his actions. Pryde could see the value in the legions of Star Destroyers that had been created by the Final Order, even when others dismissed it. Pryde viewed the Starkiller Base superweapon as an "error" that he held Hux responsible for, as the resources used in its construction and subsequently lost when it was blown up by the Resistance had made it difficult for the First Order to maintain a firm hold on the galaxy, and saw the offer of the Sith Destroyer fleet as a means of correcting that error.[1]

Although Pryde had ambition when it came to cementing his power,[1] his allegiance was to Darth Sidious alone as a Galactic Civil War veteran of the Galactic Empire and gave control over the First Order to him and the Allegiant General was quite happy when it was revealed that his master returned. Pryde was able to maintain a calm composure even when bewildered, such as when an allied fleet arrived to reinforce the Resistance at the battle at Exegol,[4] something he had no backup plan for.[15] When facing his death, Pryde ultimately lost his cool composition, giving in to anger and fear when faced with his last defeat.[4]

Enric Pryde was a human male[1] who had blue eyes, fair skin, and gray hair. He wore a unique First Order military officer uniform along with his appropriate rank insignia of the First Order.[4] He also often carried a lacquered ebonwood swaggerstick, which connected to the riding traditions of the military of Alsakan, Pryde's homeworld.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Pryde is a character who first appeared in the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, the third and final installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. He was portrayed by Richard E. Grant.[4] To get the role of Pryde, Grant had to audition by acting out scenes from "a forties British war film," and a few months later, he was taken to Pinewood Studios to meet director J.J. Abrams, who told him he got the role.[17] When playing Pryde, Grant took inspiration from Peter Cushing's portrayal of Wilhuff Tarkin in the 1977 film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[18]


Non-canon appearances[]


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