The Enshado was a First Order Light Cruiser in service to the First Order during its conflict with the Resistance.


The First Order Light Cruiser[1] Enshado[2] was commanded by Malarus during the time of the operation to Spalex in 34 ABY.[1]

She was in command of the cruiser during its theft of fuel aboard the freighter Romary, although the Resistance was able to recover the fuel.[2]

Once the First Order captured Black Squadron using the captured mechanic Oddy Muva, they went to Spalex. Agent Terex released Muva during his interrogation, allowing him to hotwire the ship's system as a distraction, allowing the Resistance pilots to escape. Although Malarus was acting under orders not to initiate open conflict with the Resistance, she ordered the Enshado and its complement of TIE fighters to attack. Muva had also stolen a TIE, and during the battle, steered his damaged craft into the hangar, leading to the destruction of the cruiser and his death.[1]

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The Enshado appears in the Star Wars: Poe Dameron comic series.


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