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An Imperial ensign.

"More power, Ensign! You've got to give me more receiving power!"
―Leia Organa[1]

Ensign was the lowest rating of officer within most space navies, being bestowed upon a being immediately after graduating from a service academy.

This rank was the lowest officer line rank used by the Imperial Navy and ranked below Junior Lieutenant. Ensigns held a position of midshipmen. The rank was the equivalent of Imperial Army Officer, Starfighter Corps Flight Officer, and Engineering Division Officer.[2]

Ensigns typically were given supervisory positions over enlisted crew, however they were too junior to actually have a command billet. Ensigns also could not take command of any situation, unless in the absence of a lieutenant or other superior officer. Persons of this rank were typically assigned as watch officers, military aides, envoys or even bodyguards for various higher-ranking officers such as admirals. Ensigns also sometimes led ground missions, leading a vessel's complement of troopers on whatever task needed doing.

During off-duty hours, or when in hyperspace, an ensign could be given command of a warship, primarily to test their abilities, but also to give the regular officers some time off. When the captain or another higher-ranking officer judged them ready, the ensign would be promoted the next appropriate grade, and continue on their career path.

A Republic ensign tried to kill Dessel with a vibroblade after losing to him at a game of sabacc, but he was killed when Dessel shoved the blade back at him.

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