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"Oh, that's great. You get lost in the middle of a mission... and decide to start your own battle again."
―Kanan Jarrus to Garazeb Orrelios[4]

"Entanglement" is the third of four prelude shorts[5] released in promotion of the animated series Star Wars Rebels. The three-minute short aired on Disney XD and online on August 25, 2014.[5]

Publisher's summary[]

Zeb is delayed when he gets into a fist fight with some Stormtroopers.[6]

Plot summary[]

On the planet Lothal, Garazeb Orrelios walks through an alley talking via comlink to Kanan Jarrus, wrongly assuming he has reached their agreed-upon rendezvous point. He comes across two stormtroopers interrogating a salesman. The stormtroopers kick over his indignant droid, and he tries to hand them a credit chip. They assume it is a bribe and prepare to arrest him, which prompts Orrelios to knock the troopers out. Two more troops spot him and give chase. Orrelios finds his way to a landed TIE/ln space superiority starfighter. He knocks out the pilot as stormtroopers begin to fire at him. They lose sight of Orrelios, who jumps on top of the TIE fighter, and then back down on to one of them. He then engages the troops in a physical confrontation. The pilot of the fighter gets up, pointing a gun at Orrelios and calling for reinforcements. Orrelios outwits the pilot and takes him out as more troops arrive. As a result of their random firing, a fuel leak forms in the TIE fighter's tank and soon a laser blast causes the fighter to explode. Orrelios survives the explosion, walking away unharmed. The salesman offers the credit chip as a reward to Orrelios for his deed, but he turns it down and only takes a piece of jogan fruit from the man's basket. Orrelios prepares for another skirmish as more stormtroopers arrive.


This short was adapted into a short story by Michael Kogge in the chapter book Rise of the Rebels, as well as into the young-readers book Zeb to the Rescue.[7] Another version was one of eight titles published as part of Star Wars Rebels: Storybook Library.[8]


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