Entertainment Weekly's Ultimate Guide to Rogue One is a standalone magazine published by Entertainment Weekly that gave in-depth coverage to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It was released on December 9, 2016, a week before the film itself premieres. Included in the book is a foreword by Director Gareth Edwards, a map of the galaxy, coverage on the characters such as Darth Vader, Mon Mothma, the Rebel Alliance, and the stormtroopers, plus some focus on the Death Star, as well as coverage on the new creatures, droids, and coverage on some old favorites, plus production photos for the film, interviews with the cast and crew, presentation of upcoming toy figures to promote the film, as well as a timeline for the Star Wars series thus far.[1]


  • A Childhood Dream, Revisited – Foreword by Gareth Edwards
  • All About Rogue One
  • "Going Rogue" – Inside the first Star Wars spinoff film.
  • "It Feels Like You're at Home Again, Like You're a Child" – Behind the scenes
  • "A Long Time Ago..." – The Star Wars Timeline
  • "Rebels with a Cause" – Meet the characters and cast
  • "Smile! It's Star Wars" – Star Wars Celebration 2016
  • "No Jedi? No Problem" – Why a movie without Skywalkers makes sense
  • "Mighty Mon Mothma" – Interviews with Geneviene O'Reilly and Caroline Blakiston
  • "She Speaks! Star Wars' Tricky History with Women"
  • "The Bail is Back in Town" – An Interview with Jimmy Smits
  • "Dressed to Rebel" – The Costumes of Rogue One
  • "Beasts and Bots" – New Creatures and Droids
  • "The Star Wars Universe"
  • A Galaxy Far, Far Away – Cosmic cartography
  • "Twisted & Evil" – Darth Vader, villain of villains
  • Supply and Demand: The Star Wars Toy Story – Ten Rogue One collectibles you will want to own!
  • "Till Death Star Do Us Part" – Deep inside the orb of evil
  • "The Empire's Army" – Evolution of the stormtrooper
  • "The ABCs of Starships" – Know your U-wing from your X-wing
  • "Can Rogue One Make Us Rethink the Prequels"
  • "Star Wars By the Numbers"

Behind the scenes[]

The map provided in the magazine contains several errors. On the map, after leaving its origin world of Geonosis, the Death Star is shown to have visited Scarif and Alderaan before meeting its destruction at Yavin 4, without ever visiting Jedha,[2] as seen in the feature film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[3] Iego is misspelled as "Lego." Kessel is put within Hutt Space[2] instead of being located right outside its borders.[4] The map also lists Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide as a source,[2] although the book had not yet been released at the time of the magazine's publishing.[1][5]


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