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"Look, Kneesaa: Eodon tusks! They'd look great hanging over my hammock."
"Or my father's helmet!"
―Wicket and Kneesaa find Eodon tusks in Mooth's trading post[src]

Eodons were a species of sentient pachydermoids found on the Forest Moon of Endor. They were large beings with blue-gray skin and prehensile trunks, but—at least to most other inhabitants of Endor—they were most noted for their long, ornate tusks. The Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, for example, believed that Eodon tusks held magical powers and great beauty. That meant that Eodons had to put up with others desiring their tusks, a fact that one member of the species discovered sometime before 3 ABY. That Eodon's tusks ended up in the possession of a merchant named Mooth, who put them up for sale in his trading post. The Eodon eventually traveled to Mooth's post to demand the tusks be returned, and a group of four young Ewoks, who had recently won them from the trader, dutifully complied.

Biology and appearanceEdit

"Oh, they're beautiful! I've got to have one!"
―Latara, on Eodon tusks[src]

Eodons were large, sentient pachydermoids who stood tall enough to see through the window of a two-story dwelling. The neck and head lay horizontally in front of the body, protruding from a raised and ridged backbone. The rest of the body was covered in blue-gray skin that lightened under the trunk and inside the ears. Each member of the species had a large head with two bony projections at the top. Below these were two sunken, pink eyes flanked by two wide, flat ears. Below the eyes lay a long trunk, whose dexterity made it useful for manipulating the environment and whose two narrow, pink nostrils made it functional for respiration. Below the trunk was a wide mouth from which a loud, booming voice projected. From that orifice also came two long, hollow, tusks. These were colored brown at the base but became ivory white with a few brown spots as they curved toward one last line of brown a few centimeters from a sharp tip. Ewoks in particular held Eodon tusks to be exotic and beautiful.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

"Hey, Eodon tusks have magical powers!"

At least a few Eodons lived on the Forest Moon of Endor, where they had relations with other sentients, such as the trader Mooth. They were known to the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, among whom their tusks were rumored to have magical powers and great beauty and were thus highly sought-after commodities. That could prove an annoyance, as Eodons had to put up with others desiring their tusks when they themselves might greatly wish to keep them for themselves. Eodons were capable of learning and speaking Ewokese.[1]


Eodon tusks

Mooth convinced four young Ewoks to compete for a pair of Eodon tusks.

"They're mine!"
"The Eodon! Yours. Enjoy those!"
―The Eodon reclaims its tusks from the Ewoks[src]

In 3 ABY,[2] one of Endor's Eodons lost its tusks,[3] which eventually ended up in the possession of a trader named Mooth. The merchant put the tusks up for sale at his trading post, and eventually, a group of young Ewoks—Wicket W. Warrick, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Latara, and Teebo—saw them and asked for them. Mooth was ill at the time and, seeing an opportunity to move even more merchandise, offered the Eodon tusks to the Ewok who sold the most of his goods that day. After the Ewoks competed, Mooth still found it difficult to declare a winner, leading the Ewoks to squabble amongst themselves for the prize. The Eodon to whom the tusks had once belonged arrived, however, and reclaimed the tusks for itself.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

An Eodon appears in "Hard Sell," an episode of the Star Wars: Ewoks animated series, written by Michael Reaves, which first aired on October 25, 1986, during the show's second season.[4] Although the cartoon suggests several possible uses for Eodon tusks, it reveals very little information on the species itself. The unidentified Eodon is played by an uncredited voice actor.

Existing sources fail to mention from where Endor's Eodons ultimately hailed. However, the sourcebook Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds suggests that only Ewoks and Yuzzums evolved on the Forest Moon.[5] Meanwhile, another source, Castaways of Endor, includes Duloks as a native species and suggests that many of Endor's other sentient denizens arrived there from offworld. These sources and the article Endor and the Moddell Sector reveal that shipwrecks were particularly common on the moon due to a cloak of space detritus and a massive gravity shadow cast by the gas giant Endor.[6]


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