"Earthquakes! Geysers! Volcanoes and lava! Oh my!"

Eol Sha was a volcanic planet in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim, near the Cauldron Nebula. Despite a rather temperate climate, the majority of the planet's surface was geologically unstable, with geysers and volcanoes dotting the surface and destructive natural phenomena, such as avalanches and groundquakes, occurring regularly.

Settled by gas miners during the time of the Galactic Republic, the planet was orbited by a single moon that was noted for its unstable descending orbit. By the time of the planet's rediscovery in 9 ABY, it was predicted that Eol Sha's moon would collide with the planet in a matter of years. Under the direction of the New Republic, the planet's few remaining residents were evacuated and resettled on the planet Dantooine in the year 11 ABY. Later that year, however, the Cauldron Nebula was destroyed by the Sun Crusher, an Imperial superweapon piloted by the rogue Jedi Kyp Durron, an event that more than likely brought about the destruction of Eol Sha and its solar system.

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In 89 BBY, a group of Human entrepreneurs made an attempt at establishing a gas mining operation in the Cauldron Nebula. Utilizing ramjet mining ships to plow through the nebula, gases could then be collected and processed to create rare elements before being shipped off and sold elsewhere. As the only habitable planet in the nebula's vicinity, Eol Sha was colonized by a group of settlers who were intended to participate in the nebula's mining operation. Unfortunately for the planet's new inhabitants, the mining operation was poorly conceived, as its owners severely underestimated the costs associated with the development and maintenance of these proposed harvest ships. This, combined with the escalating costs of processing the mostly unusable gases in the nebula, led to the operation's owners to abandon the project, leaving the colonists on Eol Sha to fend for themselves on the harsh planet.

Over time, the residents of Eol Sha adapted to their new homeworld, hunting the crustacean-like bugdillos and harvesting edible lichens for food. At some point in the colony's history, a female Jedi named Ta'ania settled on the planet as she raised her illicit offspring. Gantoris was believed to be one of her descendants, as he too possessed an affinity for the Force, and in time, he was selected as the leader of his people. After years of isolation from the larger galaxy, the mining outpost was rediscovered by the New Republic in 9 ABY. Noting the planet's geological instability and the imminent collision between Eol Sha and its moon, the representative filed a recommendation for the immediate evacuation of the entire settlement. However, this report went unnoticed by government officials, as the New Republic was in the midst of a military campaign against Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Two years later, in 11 ABY, Luke Skywalker came to the planet in search of Ta'ania's offspring. Upon meeting Gantoris and observing his Force abilities, Skywalker convinced him to join him in his effort to rebuild the Jedi Order by promising to relocate the planet's thirty-eight inhabitants to a better home. As a result, the New Republic resettled the people of Eol Sha on the planet Dantooine shortly after Gantoris' departure with Skywalker. Unfortunately, all of those residing in the new colony were slaughtered by AT-ATs in Admiral Daala's first strike against the New Republic.

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