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Eopies were herbivores native to the planet Tatooine.


The quadruped mammals were distinguished by their pale skin and long flexible snouts. An eopie's tough, pale, white skin (which has sparse, smooth hair) helped keep the creature cool by reflecting the intense rays of the planet's twin suns.

A front and side view of an eopie mount.

A special hinged skull allowed for a very flexible, elongated snout and a broader range for sharp incisors. Eopies got most of their moisture from desert lichens and tubers.

Thick foot pads broaden on impact for maximum shock absorption when running. Elbow and knee calluses protect against the desert sands when they sit down - in a camellike way.

When startled or angry, eopies spat undigested stomach contents at bothersome (such as pesky skettos) or dangerous passersby - something considered extremely annoying to humanoids.

Eopies reached maturity around six standard years of age and their average lifespan was 90 standard years; however like most creatures, the animal would weaken with age. Young eopies were much more vulnerable to the harsh desert conditions of the twin-sunned world. Young eopies needed to consume more food than a mature one and were also unable to carry as heavy a load. Newborn eopies were slow and awkward, but could walk within minutes of their birth, and were preyed upon by some of the more dangerous creatures of Tatooine, like anooba and sarlaccs. Older eopies were kept by the planet's moisture farmers to eat desert weeds that absorbed the planet's already valuable moisture. They were also used as transports across the vast desert plains of the arid planet.

Eopies were renowned for their endurance and ability to carry a hefty amount of cargo. They also had a reputation of being stubborn or grumpy creatures. This however, could be attributed to their owners, who often pushed these animals to the limit, packing them with extremely heavy loads. It could also be attributed to the limited diet available to these beasts of burden, which gave them incredibly potent flatulence.[3] When domesticated eopies became too old to work, many Tatooine settler families gave them to their children as pets, as they became completely acclimated to handling.

These creatures could also be used for consumption for their milk or their meat, in various dishes such as Eopie brisket, Eopie stew[4] or Eopie cream pie.

Many breeds existed, including the dwarf eopie.

A population was apparently present on the planet Dra III where it was preyed upon by such creatures as the nashtah. Several domesticated eopies were also present on Saleucami.


Circa 1 ABY,[5] Jabba the Hutt's beast master Malakili hired a spacer to kill Jundland eopies in order to collect their livers to feed the sarlacc of the Great Pit of Carkoon.[6]


A group of nashtah hunting an Eopie


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