"Here's the best reward you'll find in Mos Taike: my sister's specialty! Don't show it around, or everyone will want a slice."
―Bren Kingal, to a spacer[1]

Eopie Cream Pie was a type of delicious, beige-colored, round pie whose recipe was a closely guarded secret of the Kingal family. The dish was the specialty of the sister of Bren Kingal, a Rebel Alliance officer, who lived in the city of Mos Taike on[1] the planet[2] of Tatooine. The pie shared its name with the eopie,[1] a beast native to Tatooine.[3]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars Galaxies. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

At some point after the Battle of Yavin[1] of 0 BBY,[4] Bren enlisted a spacer to kill a local murderer named Trone Thanamiroc. Once the spacer brought back an AT-ST driver helmet as proof of Thanamiroc's termination, Kingal rewarded the spacer with an Eopie Cream Pie and thirty credits; he warned the spacer, however, to keep it hidden, for otherwise everyone would want to partake in the dessert.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Eopie Cream Pie was created for the 2003 Sony Online Entertainment massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Star Wars Galaxies, where it appeared as a consumable food item[1] prior to Galaxies' closure in 2011.[5] In the game, the player could only acquire the pie after completing Bren Kingal's fourth player quest, which was to kill Trone Thanamiroc.[1]


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