Eorm prior to Dreypa's rebellion

Eorm was a port town on the planet Kesh. It was located on the southern coast of the continent of Keshtah Minor and overlooked the Southern Ocean. Eorm was populated by the descendants of Sith rebels who had been enslaved and disenfranchised by the Lost Tribe's leadership following Parrah's rebellion. Many of its inhabitants worked as tailors and weavers and were treated with disdain by other members of the Tribe. Its population consisted of a mixture of indigenous Keshiri and Humans.

The Human anarchist Parlan Spinner and his clan the Spinner family were some notable residents of Eorm. Despite the Hilts Restoration instituted by the reformist Grand Lord Varner Hilts, life for its residents remained harsh and oppressive. By 2974 BBY, the town had come under the leadership of Lord Galathos, who had a reputation for employing terror tactics against its residents. Prior to Remulus Dreypa's rebellion, Galathos had ordered his troops to raze several homes after their inhabitants failed to comply with a production quota for more sails.

However, Dreypa slew Galathos and his men during a display of his Force powers. Following the Seizure of Eorm, Dreypa and his local quisling Spinner organized a rebellion against the Lost Tribe and prepared to march on Tahv, the Sith capital. However, Dreypa was only willing to exploit the insurrection as a means of finding a way offworld. Meanwhile, the Sith princess Takara Hilts and the Doomed leader Kaliska stole the entire town's herd of uvaks and flew back to Eshkrene where they rallied the remaining members of the Doomed to stop Dreypa.

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