The Eos system was located in the Outer Rim's Cadavine sector and contained Eos. It was the location of a Trade Federation factory.

The Trade Federation also used the system space prior to its Invasion of Naboo to secretly test the abilities of its war equipment by hired mercenaries like Vana Sage.

Though in 32 BBY, shortly after testing their equipment—specifically Scarab-class starfighters—the Trade Federation quickly left the system and their hired mercenaries, including Nolo, ambushed Sage. Sage managed to defeat her attackers and tracked a damaged Hunter-Seeker droid to Eos itself. After discovering the Trade Federation’s secret droid foundry, she was trapped inside the facility. She managed to break out and quickly left the system. Sage, along with fellow pilots, Nym, Reti, and Rhys Dallows would later return. With Reti and Rhys Dallows taking out their orbital defenses, and Nym and Sage destroying their factories on the surface of Eos, they destroyed the droid foundry and ended Trade Federation presence in the system.



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