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Ephin Sarreti was a human Moff of the Braxant sector. A relatively progressive member of the Imperial Remnant, who was a loyal supporter of Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon.


Sarreti and his family were from Coruscant. He was young at the time of the Battle of Endor, while he came of age in the midst of the the Rebellion. Following the fall of Coruscant to the New Republic, his family fled offworld, eventually arriving on Sartinaynian. After settling on the planet, he entered Imperial service.[1]

Following the arrest of Moff Vilim Disra in 19 ABY for his complicity in the Caamas Document affair, the Council of Moffs appointed Sarreti to take his place as Moff of the Braxant Sector, which included the Remnant's capital world, Bastion.[1]

Sarreti served as Moff throughout the Yuuzhan Vong War. He supported Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon's plan to aid the New Republic in the conflict, arguing that it was the right thing to do. He also offered to accompany Pellaeon in a military capacity, but Pellaeon declined, as the Grand Admiral felt he needed an ally in Imperial Space to keep the other Moffs loyal.[1]

Prior to the Battle of Ithor, he traveled with several other Moffs to the planet for a diplomatic reception with their New Republic counterparts. His enthusiasm and knowledge about the lives of Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya and his advisors raised their suspicions.[1]

After the Battle of Bastion, from which he escaped with a broken arm, Sarreti supported Pellaeon's stance that the Remnant align with the Galactic Alliance and conduct an offensive campaign against the Yuuzhan Vong.[2]

By 40 ABY, Sarreti was one of the few Moffs that Pellaeon still trusted as of the Second Battle of Fondor.[3]

Decades later, the Fel Empire honored Sarreti by naming a Star Destroyer after him.[4]


Sarreti's relative youth and experiences meant that he never met Emperor Palpatine, and was not as enmeshed in Palpatine's prejudices. As he had joined Imperial service during its decline, he did not view the recent past through the lenses of melancholy and fury that his elders amongst the Moffs, such as Kurlen Flennic, often did. This detachment allowed him to advocate moves that drew opposition from other Imperials, such as allying with the Galactic Alliance. Even so, he was not a fan of democracy.

Sarreti was completely loyal to Pellaeon; after the meeting where Pellaeon announced the mobilization of all reserve forces, he asked to accompany the Grand Admiral in a military capacity. Pellaeon trusted Sarreti to keep the peace in Imperial Space while the Grand Admiral was away on campaign and considered the young man a builder.



Council of Moffs of the Imperial Remnant
2529 ABY
Crowal · Kurlen Flennic · Freyborn · Ephin Sarreti

Council of Moffs of the Imperial Remnant
41 ABY
(Before the Second Battle of Fondor)
Drikl Lecersen · Quille · Rosset · Ephin Sarreti · Siralt

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