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Episode I Adventures 2: The Bartokk Assassins was the second installment of Star Wars Episode I Adventures.

Publisher's summary[]

A band of Bartokk assassins is in possession of many unusual Trade Federation starfighters.

They have also kidnapped an innocent child.

The Bartokks must be stopped.

More than one life hangs in the balance.

Plot summary[]

Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi remain on the planet Esseles following their rescue of Adi Gallia as they hunt for the fifty missing Droid starfighters. With the help of Boll Trinkatta they find his hired pilot Bama Vook, who confesses that he stole the fighters and hid them so that they would not be obtained by the Trade Federation.

Unfortunately for the Jedi, they are observed and pursued by a group of Bartokk Assassins working for a mysterious client. The Bartokks knock out Qui-Gon and manage to steal all of the fighters on a frighter, using Book's young son Chup-Chup as a hostage. During all this, Rune Haako and Daultay Dofine hunt for evidence of the fighters on Esseles, completely failing to notice the Jedi or the assassins.

With his master unconscious, Obi-Wan pursues in a Z-95 Headhunter. He manages to shoot down a number of the fighters and board the freighter, fighting his way through the assassins to rescue Chup-Chup. Although he is successful at retrieving half of the starfighters, he discovers that the Bartokks had already succeeded in moving the other half to a different ship, now bound for Corulag. He meets up with his master and they prepare to give chase, only to discover that all signal has gone dead from the Jedi chapter house on Rhinnal where Adi Gallia had been taken. They must choose whether to pursue the fighters or check in on their colleague.

Elsewhere, Darth Sidious watches in displeasure as the Jedi come close to stumbling on elements of his plan. Since the Neimoidians have failed him, he turns to his most trusted agent, Darth Maul, to retrieve the missing fighters....


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