"You can't have the child! My research depends on her. She belongs to the Academy!"

Episode I Adventures Game Book 4: Jedi Emergency, written by Ryder Windham and released in December 1999, was the fourth installment of Star Wars Episode I Adventures game books. The Choose Your Own Adventure novel follows the same course of events as the Episode I Adventures book of the same title, but allows the reader to live the Jedi Grand Master Yoda's adventure on the planet of Corulag as a character of their choice.

Back cover summary[]

You have learned of a young girl who has the power to become a Jedi. You have come to the planet of Corulag to see her.

But an evil scientist doesn't want to let her go. And her home is under attack by Bartokk Assassins.

As a Jedi, you must save her.

The future is at stake.

Plot summary[]

The reader's character, either a Jedi or an ally of the Jedi, is part of a Jedi task force sent to the planet of Corulag to rescue a Force-sensitive infant, Teela Panjarra, from a scientist who has kidnapped her in order to study the Force. The scientist, Frexton, took the girl to a military academy on that world, where he is Chief Scientist of the Academy's Science Service. When the character reaches a nursery on Level 7 of the Science service tower, the character finds that it has been attacked by Bartokk assassins with several X10-D draft droids, at least one of which is armed with a plasma bomb. The character resolves to prevent the assassins from detonating the bomb, which would kill the children of Level 7 and Teela Panjarra.

Two X10-Ds enter the nursery. Because the character thinks the assassins may be using equipment that allows them to see things within their draft droids' optical range, the character dispatches them quickly so their operator will think it was an accident. That done, the character searches both droids and discovers the one with the plasma bomb. The character tells the task force that he or she will stop the Bartokks and save Panjarra while they lead the tower's occupants outside. The character deactivates the first bomb while they do so, giving it to a damaged security droid to fully disassemble. After the droid does so, two Bartokk assassins arrive from an emergency stairwell to check upon the disabled droids and find the security droid. The character kills them and uses a comlink to warn the Jedi team about Bartokks in the stairs. While the character speaks with one of the Jedi, the Bartokks jam transmissions in the tower.

Frexton informed the Jedi before they arrived on Corulag that he had sequestered Panjarra from the other children in her own nursery. The character tries to use a computer at the nursery's security checkpoint to pinpoint the girl's location, but the Bartokks have destroyed a power terminal and the building is without power. After discerning her location, the character finds that Frexton lied, she is actually in a laboratory on Level 58, and proceeds to her in a turbolift. Suddenly, two assassins plunge into the room through an air vent and destroy the security droid with their cryogen whips, but the character kills them.

Upon reaching Level 58 and unlocking an access door, the character is confronted by a security droid that received orders from the lower levels to evacuate the building of organic life. After dealing with the droid, the character uses an interactive map of the level to locate the laboratory in which Panjarra is lodged. Upon entering the dark room, the character sees Frexton lower Teela Panjarra into a Live Organism Comfort Conveyor. The character demands his surrender and Frexton draws a blaster, which the character destroys.

Two assassins and two X10-Ds ride up the building's side on a window-washing drone and one uses a Squib battering ram to break a window and enter Level 58. While Frexton cowers from the invaders, the character destroys the droids, kills one Bartokk, and mortally wounds the other. The character then interrogates the survivor and learns the Bartokks plan to blow up the tower with three bombs, but his prisoner expires before revealing who hired them to do so. The character takes his dead prisoner's X10-D remote control and finding the second plasma bomb in one of the fallen droids. Two grappling hooks fly through the window and the character finds two more Bartokks ascending to Level 58. After killing them, the character goes about deactivating the bomb and Frexton takes Teela Panjarra while the character is busied. Instead of deactivating the bomb and allowing Frexton to flee, the character uses the lab's waste disposal equipment to destroy it and chases after him.

Frexton has sealed of the door into an adjoining lab with an energy shield, so the character breaks in and again demands Frexton's surrender.


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