Epoxy was a fast-drying adhesive or protective coating used primarily to prevent a surface from rusting, usually found in the form of a paint.

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One variant of epoxy was Corellian epoxy.

During IG-88B's bounty hunting career, the assassin droid was doused with an instant-hardening epoxy by a group of mercenaries loyal to a petty arms dictator named Grlubb on the planet Peridon's Folly in a desperate attempt to stop the droid's merciless onslaught. The epoxy temporarily succeeded in clogging IG-88's gears and servomotors, but the droid simply raised his body temperature to first melt the coating, and then bent his limbs to snap away the remains.[1]

The former stormtrooper Burrk used an instant-set epoxy found in the remains of Echo Base to craft makeshift spears made from metal shards to fend off a horde of attacking wampas on the planet Hoth in 12 ABY.[2]

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