The Equalizer was a shoulder-mounted ion cannon produced by SoroSuub Corporation. The weapon was designed to immobilize shielded armored fighting vehicles. The Equalizer was a disposable weapon, comprised of four two-meter tubes that each held a single ion bolt. Weighing twelve kilograms, the weapon was fired from the shoulder using the side mounted targeting gear to align the ion cannon with the target vehicle. The inbuilt sensors analyse various factors from the target, including range, speed and angle of deflection. The onboard microcomputer then used this information and adjusted each individual ion bolts' flight angle. Each ion bolt was discharged individually, and once all four shots had been fired, the weapon was discarded.[1]

Vehicles hit by the Equalizer's ion bolts suffered power failure which left them vulnerable to attack from standard weaponry such as blasters, although some smaller vehicles found that their entire electronic systems were fused by the ion bolt. The weapon was also effective against low-flying aircraft and starfighters. The Equalizer was in common use by the Galactic Empire, especially amongst garrison-based forces.[1]


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