Equani were a sentient equinoid species native to Equanus in the Nharl system. They were tall bipeds who were covered in fur. All Equani possessed empathic abilities.

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Six months prior to the onset of the Clone Wars, Galactic Republic scientists stationed on Equanus's moon were testing a new superweapon. They miscalculated and hit Equanus's sun. The result was a ten light-minute-long solar flare that literally cooked the planet. The only Equani to survive were the few hundred who were off-world at the time. As there were not enough Equani left to populate a new world, the species eventually died out.

A notable Equani was Klo Merit. He was minder to the medical facility on Drongar during the Clone Wars, and a double-agent for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Black Sun.

The Equani phrase çenõ-ka was used to express the feeling that one had already experienced a situation similar to the current one.[1]

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