Equani were a sentient equinoid species native to Equanus in the Nharl system. They were tall bipeds who were covered in fur. All Equani possessed empathic abilities.


Six months prior to the onset of the Clone Wars, Galactic Republic scientists stationed on Equanus's moon were testing a new superweapon. They miscalculated and hit Equanus's sun. The result was a ten light-minute-long solar flare that literally cooked the planet. The only Equani to survive were the few hundred who were off-world at the time. As there were not enough Equani left to populate a new world, the species eventually died out.

A notable Equani was Klo Merit. He was minder to the medical facility on Drongar during the Clone Wars, and a double-agent for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Black Sun.

The Equani phrase çenõ-ka was used to express the feeling that one had already experienced a situation similar to the current one.[1]



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