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The Er'Kit were a species of humanoids with large, elongated craniums and long, skinny legs. One Er'Kit was Ody Mandrell, a famous podracer who took part in the Boonta Eve Classic.

Biology and appearance[]

The Er'Kit were a sentient race of humanoids[4] that originated from the planet Er'Kit in the Outer Rim Territories.[3] Er'Kit possessed large, elongated craniums and long, skinny legs with skin that came in various shades of blue.[1] Er'Kit were well adapted to desert planets due to the environments of their homeworld.[4]


The Er'Kit homeworld had a murky history of political scandals, slave trade, and violent militias.[4] Shortly before the Clone Wars, Danry Ledwellow was an Er'Kit male senator who represented the planet Er'Kit in the Galactic Senate. After a complication with Thalassian slavers, Ledwellow was arrested, and his private army of IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tanks fell into the hands of the Blood Dawn slavers.[3]

Er'Kit in the galaxy[]

Some Er'Kit hailed from the planet of Tatooine, located in the Outer Rim Territories.[1]

Ody Mandrell was a famous podracer renowned for his team of pit droids that helped him to break several records. During the Naboo Crisis, Mandrell took part in the Boonta Eve Classic.[5]



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