Ereesus was a planet in the Kanz sector of the Outer Rim Territories and the homeworld of the Ereesi species.


The Ereesi were heavily involved in slave trading and Ereesus was where slave markets thrived. In 4200 BBY, the Ereesi species engaged in slave raids throughout the sector. Their harassment of the Argazdans prompted the latter to join the Galactic Republic in 4200 BBY.

Prior to becoming a Jedi apprentice, Twi'lek Tott Doneeta and his family were to be sold in Ereesus' slave markets. Their captor's starship was intercepted, however, by a team of Jedi Knights led by Arkanian Master Arca Jeth before it reached the city. Doneeta subsequently joined the Jedi Order out of gratitude for his rescuers and served throughout the duration of the Great Sith War.

In 3970 BBY, Argazdan Redoubt forces devastated the planet Ereesus; exterminating all life including the Ereesi slavers in retaliation for the latter’s depredations.

In the Clone Wars, a battle took place on Ereesus, with the Ereesus Planetary Security Forces and the Galactic Republic's Torrent Company fighting the Separatists.[3]

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Ereesus was mentioned first in the West End Games Tales of the Jedi Companion. It later appeared in the short story Speaking Silently.



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