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"When the Republic defeated our fleets I learned a valuable lesson: it's far better to be a freelance mercenary in a war than to be a soldier for a losing side."

Ergeron was a male Mandalorian soldier who fought during the Mandalorian Wars alongside Canderous Ordo. After the war, he began working as a freelance mercenary, ending up on Manaan by the last year of the Jedi Civil War. He expressed a dislike for the Echani and Iridonian mercenaries who were looking for work at the small cantina in Ahto City that catered to the mercenary population of that world, claiming that the former were cowardly dancers and that the latter were little more than bloodthirsty savages. During his stay there, he had a brief meeting with Revan and Canderous with whom they chatted about the old days.


During the Mandalorian Wars Ergeron fought along side Canderous Ordo, together they became a valuable asset to the Mandalorian Cause. Ergeron was a big believer in the Mandalorian code of honor, where respect came from combat. He was a very skilled blade artist and his vibrosword saved his life on many occasions, although the catastrophe at Malachor V left his blade lying deep within the ruined planet.

Behind the scenes[]

Ergeron is only named if Canderous is in the player's party when they talk to him, otherwise he is simply identified by the tag "Mandalorian mercenary".