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"Ah! Happy are Ergesh to see visitors come! Ergesh home is visitors' home. Act accordingly! Consume much food! Drink much fluid amounts! Seek comfort!"
―An Ergesh to an off-worlder visitor[2]

The Ergesh were an indigenous sentient species from the planet Ergeshui.

Biology and appearance[]

The Ergesh were one of the few sentient species in the galaxy that evolved from plant-based organisms on their swampy homeworld. They were two meters tall and resembled shambling mounds made up of plant materials and had droopy slimy appendages of various lengths and sizes. A fully grown Ergesh could weigh up to a half of a metric ton. They had an average lifespan of 200 standard years.[1] Their coloration consisted of green, brown, and gray. The younger Ergesh had more green, the elders more brown. A strong smell of ammonia and rotting vegetation followed an Ergesh wherever the being went.[1]

Reproduction was accomplished asexually through two Ergesh each planting a seed from their bodies in a swamp called the Shoolbloorp, the "Land of Beginnings," during a special mating ceremony. Twenty days later, a young Ergesh rose up from the ground, self-aware and ready to join the society. Each Ergesh could produce one seed every two Ergeshui years.[1]

Ergesh AE

An Ergesh individual

Despite their bulk and weight, they could float on water. Due to their physiology, they could breathe underwater, though they preferred "dry" land. Their wet, thick skin also acted as a strong protective layer against weapons.[1]

Ergesh did not have faces in the accepted sense of the word. A number of the smaller tentacles were actually opticstalks, the Ergesh equivalent of eyes, while others were sensitive to sound waves. They could not become intoxicated, drugged, or poisoned by most substances. Their immune systems broke down such substances quickly, and their natural secretions carried out the harmful or waste elements.[1] The Ergesh could consume Kaloob in order to cleanse themselves from harmful microorganisms.

Ergesh were not fast and were poor combatants, with their most effective attack being simply trampling over their opponents.

Society and culture[]

Ergesh workers

An Ergesh at work

Ergesh were highly intelligent, curious, and gentle beings. Their native language was said to sound like thick mud coming out of a rapid boil, though most members of the species preferred to speak Basic. Ergesh personal names were long affairs, with many odd bubbling noises included. Fortunately for other species, they tolerated being given nicknames by off-worlders they interacted with.[1]

Once every year, on Ergeshui, came a day when both moons were aligned in a certain way, with devastating effect upon the Ergesh. During this period, they acted irrational, violent, or even insane.

Ergesh were divided into clans, which had formed a federation that ruled their planet. There were a total of 80 clans, each with about 10,000 members. The eldest Ergesh from each clan was a part of the governing body. This government met monthly in the Communal Pool. The Ergesh federation kept in regular contact with the leaders of the New Republic.

As a reflection of their biology, Ergesh culture had no concept of gender. In their dealings with each other, Ergesh were honest and fair. They were a society with no classes, no discrimination, and no wants. There was no crime among the species.[1]

The Ergesh possessed amazing bio-technology which included living starships called Starjumpers. Their weapons were small plant buds that could be thrown at a target and would deliver an electrical shock on contact. Their buildings were all organic, and semi-sentient enough to recognize residents and block intruders from entering.[1]


The Ergesh supported the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.[source?]


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