Ergeshui was a planet located in the Expansion Region, and the Ergesh homeworld. It was the only planet of the Agash system.[3]

Geographic features[edit | edit source]

Ergeshui was a large terrestrial planet with two small continents. The main continent was called Ersheg, and the lesser, Queesh. There were few permanent islands due to the harsh tides.[3]

The atmosphere on Ergeshui was thick and hot. On most days, thick clouds covered the skies. Despite this heavy cover, enough red sunlight filtered through to give the landscape an eerie reddish cast. The temperature remained at a consistent 30 degrees standard year round, day and night.[3]

The seas were composed of water, salt and other chemical compounds and were not polluted, the Ergesh taking special care of their environment. Ergeshui soil was one of the planet best-kept secrets. This soil was so laced with nutriments and minerals that it could grow and support plant life from most worlds in the galaxy. The Ergesh did not export this soil, as they felt that this would deplete the planet.[3]

The most interesting natural phenomenon to be found on Ergeshui was the tidal flats. Due to the presence of the moons, there were huge variation in the tide. When the tide was out, the continents almost doubled in size. When the tide came in, the exposed land was flooded.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

The city of Outworlder City was built in 20 BBY for outworlders.[3]

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