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"…Under Tarkin's rule, Eriadu finally achieved the celebrity it had been clamoring for. It became the rising star, planet other eager-to-be-exploited worlds began looking up to."
―Berch Teller, on Eriadu[3]

Eriadu was a terrestrial planet in the Eriadu system of the Seswenna sector in the Outer Rim. The planet featured mountains as well as jungles and had a black pall. Eriadu's chief industry and export revolved around lommite ore which was abundant on the planet. Eriadu was also the homeworld of the Tarkin family including Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.


Early Republic and High Republic Era[]

In the early days of the Galactic Republic, Eriadu was settled by pioneers under the permission of Coruscant as the burgeoning government expanded and sought more resources. Eriadu's rich deposits of lommite ore, which served as a main component in transparisteel made the planet a prime target for expansion. Lommite extraction and shipping was an expensive undertaking which required the settlers to take out high interest loans from the Intergalactic Banking Clan. As the economic situation worsened and the debt increased, the banking clan prepared to take over Eriadu as a client world until entrepreneurs from the core world Corulag intervened. Under the direction of Corulag, lommite extraction increased significantly transforming large sections of the once lush planet into polluted industrial zones and poverty stricken cities. Corulag was also integral in lobbying the Republic Senate to route the Hydian Way through Eriadu space placing the planet on the galactic map. During this time members the Tarkin clan—among the earliest pioneers to Eriadu evolved with the changing planet abandoning their past as hunters and mine contractors in order to become a decorated military family leading local militias and eventually forming a sector military.[3]

After they were contacted to help the Hetzal system during the Great Hyperspace Disaster, Eriadu happened to experience tragedy during the crisis. The disaster began when the cargo freighter Legacy Run was destroyed while traveling through hyperspace and its debris began dropping into realspace in star systems further down the lane at extreme speeds, transforming the pieces of the freighter into weapons of mass destruction; the galactic community named these events Emergences. Eriadu was one of the planets included in a massive hyperspace blockade of the outer rim ordered by Republic Chancellor Lina Soh in order to prevent another hyperspace disaster from occurring while investigations proceeded into the destruction of the Legacy Run. At a time when none in that galaxy could predict where and when the Emergences would occur, the vicious marauder gang the Nihil under the direction of Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro had managed to map the exact location and timing of the Emergences, planning to use their foreknowledge for profit.[7]

Nihil Tempest Kassav Milliko and his crew aboard the New Elite traveled to Eriadu where three Emergences were set to occur. Kassav's crew sliced into Eriadu's communications and contacted planetary governor Mural Veen, whom Kassav attempted to extort for 50 million credits, promising to stop the debris about to hurtle into the space around Eriadu. Kassav directed the New Elite's gunners to obliterate the first Emergence in order to prove his seriousness. The governor, hesitant to pay the exorbitant sum missed Kassav's window to stop the second Emergence which entered the system and obliterated a cargo transport hauling lommite. The cargo transport's explosion destroyed four other nearby vessels all of which had been parked in space waiting for the end of the blockade. Kassav warned the governor that a third and final Emergence would soon hit Eriadu's inhabited moon. Dismayed, Governor Veen deposited the credits in the account Kassav provided as she warned him that she had identified both him and his ship and was transmitting a copy of their conversation to the Republic.[7]

The New Elite flew to the location where the Emergence would exit hyperspace and prepared to destroy it. However, Dellex, a "Storm" in Kassav's crew, miscalculated the ship's jump due to the effects of the drug "smash," which the Nihil crew had all taken together before the score. The New Elite was nowhere near the Emergence as it entered the system unabated and collided with Eriadu's moon killing 1.2 billion inhabitants. Governor Mural Veen vowed that Kassav and his crew would face vengeance. She warned him the people of Eriadu were hunters and the Nihil were now their collective prey, as Kassav cut the transmission and fled the system.[7]

Republic Era[]

Eriadu was a frequent target for pirates and marauders. The lommite shipments leaving the planet on their way to the Core were of particular interest to pirate gangs looking for easy credits. The Outland Regions Security Force attempted to handle the pirate situation, but were stretched too thin to deal with the problem permanently. The pirate threat became far worse when multiple pirate gangs formed an alliance under the leadership of the pirate queen Q'anah. The Outland Security force and Eriadu Mining and Shipping were consistently outsmarted by Q'anah's Marauders, who brought the mining company to the verge of bankruptcy. The raids ended when Wilhuff Tarkin, a lieutenant in the Outland's anti piracy task force, managed to crack the sequence Q'anah used to decide which specific lommite containers in a shipment she would target. Knowing which containers Q'anah would hit, Outland commander Ranulph Tarkin infected the lommite containers' hyperdrive motivators with a virus that would spread to the pirate vessels, forcing their navicomputers to override the locations entered and instead deliver the ships to the waiting Outland Security Forces. Ranulph presented the captured pirate queen to the man who had outsmarted her, his younger cousin Wilhuff. Q'anah's reign ended when Wilhuff Tarkin ordered her and her crew placed into an empty shipping container which was programmed to slowly pilot itself into the sector's sun. Video and audio feeds from within the container were broadcast as the pirates were slowly roasted to death, in order to strike fear into any who dared to follow in Q'anah's footsteps.[3]

Young Wilhuff Tarkin fighting off Eriadu wild cats

Years later, Tarkin returned to his home planet and was elected governor of Eriadu with the support of his friend and political mentor Sheev Palpatine. During Tarkin's tenure as governor Eriadu was the location of the "Eriadu Conference," a summit meant to ease tensions between the Trade Federation and the Republic. The conference was a political disaster, and assassins killed the leadership of the Trade Federation and attempted but failed to kill Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum. Governor Tarkin blocked the Supreme Chancellor's attempts to mount an investigation, weakening Valorum's position considerably. Nute Gunray took lead of the Trade Federation and instigated the Invasion of Naboo which led to a resulting Vote of No Confidence which removed Valorum from office.[8]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Naboo, the Republic began to splinter as several planets seceded to form the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As the rest of the galaxy teetered closer to galactic war. However, Eriadu's fortunes had increased with the breaking of the Trade Federations monopoly and Valorum Shipping's loss of prestige, leading to Eriadu becoming a major trade center along the Hydian Way. However, Eriadu also maintained an increasingly tentative position as neighboring systems seceded from the Republic to join the Separatists. Count Dooku met with Tarkin several times hoping to persuade the governor to ally Eriadu with the Separatists. Near the end of Tarkin's second term as governor, and just weeks before the Battle of Geonosis, he was approached a final time by Count Dooku who sought a definitive answer to where Eriadu's allegiances would lie in the coming war. Tarkin rejected Count Dooku's offers and declared his and Eriadu's loyalty to the Republic and Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Before departing, Dooku promised that he would work to ensure Eriadu suffered no lasting harm for joining the republic, and hinted at a deeper conspiracy behind the war and the possibility that he and Tarkin may one day serve the same interests after all. Tarkin did not seek reelection instead enlisting in the newly militarized Republic Navy as the Clone Wars began.[3]

Reign of the Empire[]

In the years before the Galactic Civil War, Eris Harro, HoloNet News Bureau Chief held office on the planet.[1] After reporting the progress of the industrial and mining sectors of the planet Lothal to the Imperial capital, the planet's Governor Arihnda Pryce extended an invitation to meet with government officials on Eriadu.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Eriadu first appeared in the new Star Wars canon in the 2014 novel Tarkin by James Luceno.[3] Eriadu was originally first mentioned in the Star Wars Legends Imperial Sourcebook released in 1989.[10]



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