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The Eriadu Conference,[6] also known as the Eriadu trade summit,[5] was held on the Outer Rim planet of Eriadu prior to the Invasion of Naboo.[4] The trade summit was when the power struggle between the Galactic Republic and the Trade Federation came to a head. All accounts showed that the result had been a disaster and the event became infamous.[5]

During the summit, the radical political group known as the Nebula Front attempted to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum and were able to murder the leadership of the Trade Federation,[5] among which were several Kuati executives.[6]

The attempted assassination gave Valorum a temporary boost in popularity, which allowed him to push through a taxation propositional, and the deaths of Federation leadership allowed Nute Gunray to become the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Gunray possessed strong anti-Republic leanings and placed his similarly minded allies into powerful positions in the Federation.[5] Of these ambitious Neimoidians, Gunray and Lott Dod were the leaders.[7]

Valorum attempted to investigate the summit but was blocked by the planet's Governor, Wilhuff Tarkin, who purposefully prevented the Chancellor from investigating in order to weaken Valorum's position. Tarkin's stonewalling helped to foment and hasten the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo, in which Darth Sidious—who, in his public persona of Senator Sheev Palpatine, was an ally of Governor Tarkin—secretly engineered the conflict to topple Valorum and become Supreme Chancellor.[4]

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