The Eriadu Manufacturing Shipyards were the facilities operated by Eriadu Manufacturing, on the planet Eriadu. The shipyards were situated near Phelar Port, alongside the eastern banks of the Phelar Floe. The shipyards' main product was civilian repulsorlift and interstellar craft.[1]


The shipyards were considered to be on par with the shipyards at Sluis Van, roughly generating the same output capacity. Although the Eriadu Manufacturing Shipyards were not as impressive as the Kuat Drive Yards or the Sienar Fleet Systems shipyards, the Eriadu Manufacturing Shipyards were still a financially viable interest and had become well-known for their high-quality production.[1]

The Eriadu Manufacturing Shipyards was financed by members of House Valorum. The shipyards were divided into several primary facilities: the administrative offices located atop Ja Knoll, and the manufacturing facilities located close to the Bay of Conquest. Major thoroughfare routes connected the shipyards to central Phelar Port, while most of Eriadu's heavy industries were conducted in Eriadu City. Millions of laborers were employed by Eriadu Manufacturing to work in the foundries and assembly lines. Although slavery was outlawed by the Galactic Republic, the law was not enforced in the Outer Rim Territories. Thus, nearly half of the laborers at the shipyards were slaves. This practice continued after the rise of the Galactic Empire, as Galactic Emperor Palpatine encouraged the enslavement of non-Humans.[1]


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