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Eridain was a CR90 corvette that fought in the Battle of Endor. It worked with Rogue Squadron shortly after the reformation at 6.5 ABY. It was commanded by Captain Afyon.


Their first mission together was in the Hensara system. Battle of Yavin, an Imperial Customs Frigate being used by New Republic operatives surveying core worlds, had run into the Strike-class Cruiser Havoc and had to go to ground on Hensara III. A hastily assembled force, made up of Rogue Squadron, Eridain, and the freighter Pulsar Skate, arrived in the system to aid the repair and recovery of the Battle of Yavin and its crew. Eridain was there essentially as a mission control ship, and remained in orbit over the planet. Havoc had long departed the system, but returned as the mission was getting underway, launching fighters. The engagement was a relatively short one, with Rogue Squadron causing significant losses to the Imperial fighters, and taking none themselves. Pulsar Skate recovered the crew on the ground, and the group returned to the Republic base on Talasea.

During the assault on Vladet, in the Rachuk system, Eridain was again used as a control ship, directing the other ships in the battle, namely Rogue Squadron, and the three Y-wing squadrons of Defender Wing. The engagement was a relatively simple ground assault by the fighters, with little resistance present, until the unexpected arrival of the Carrack-class cruiser Expeditious and the Lancer-class frigate Ravager. The situation looked bad for the New Republic, before Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn quickly developed a plan that involved him leading in Warden Squadron to attack Ravager. The plan worked, and Ravager was quickly destroyed by a barrage of proton torpedoes. Expeditious did not get involved in the engagement, and entered hyperspace after recovering an Imperial shuttle, allowing the New Republic to successfully destroy the installation on Vladet.

Eridain was also used as a control ship for the First Battle of Borleias in the Pyria system. While not being directly involved in the battle, when the assault turned sour, the corvette was able to avoid ion cannon fire from the ground, and only remained in atmosphere long enough to allow Tycho Celchu to board the shuttle Forbidden and leave Eridain to rescue the pilots that were extra vehicular. Eridain was able to escape the battle unharmed.



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