"The intensity will dissipate to the inverse of the square of the distance from Kesh. It'd just be more cosmic background noise. Didn't they teach you anything where you came from?"
―Parrah, to Gloyd[1]

Ermon Parrah was a Human male relief navigator for the Sith dreadnaught Omen during the Great Hyperspace War. In 5000 BBY, after being knocked off-course during a hyperspace jump, the Omen crash-landed on the secluded planet Kesh. Parrah survived the disaster, and lived long enough to see the Sith worshiped as gods by the planet's natives, the Keshiri species. By 4985 BBY, Parrah had become the main science advisor to the Sith leader, Captain Yaru Korsin. At some point prior to 4975 BBY, Ermon proposed to repair the Omen and return to the stars but this was denied by the current Grand Lord. In response, Ermon started a revolt and tried to steal the starship. However, he was defeated by the Grand Lord's forces.

Following the failed uprising, Parrah's conspirators and their families were enslaved and banished to the port town of Eorm. Meanwhile, Parrah and his descendants were forced to spin a cord that "would reach into space." Due to the physical impossibilities of such a task, Parrah's descendants were reduced to the status of paupers for millennia. They became known as the Spinner family due to their work as tailors and seamstresses. One of his descendants was Parlan Spinner who lived around 2974 BBY.


During the Great Hyperspace War, Ermon Parrah, a Human male, served the Sith Empire as the relief navigator on the[1] Sith dreadnaught[2] Omen. In 5000 BBY, Parrah was aboard the Omen when it was knocked off course as it jumped to hyperspace during a skirmish with Jedi above the moon Phaegon III, where the Omen was stationed for a mining mission.[3] The damaged starship came out of hyperspace near an uncharted planet, Kesh—the Omen was forced to crash-land in a large mountain range. Parrah survived the crash, and eventually the Sith came to be worshiped as gods by the planet's Keshiri natives. By 4985 BBY, Ermon Parrah had become the main science advisor for the remaining Sith, led by Captain Yaru Korsin. That year, the Houk gunner Gloyd, still hoping to find a way off Kesh, proposed that the Sith use the Omen's surviving boring lasers to fire signals into space. Parrah shot down the idea, knowing that the lasers would only dissipate into cosmic background noise before ever being noticed by anybody.[1]

Ermon Parrah later participated during the Red Sith Purge on the side of Yaru Korsin. At some point prior to Seelah and Jariad Korsin's failed coup d'état against Korsin in 4975 BBY, he led a failed attempt to steal the crippled Omen and return to the stars.[4] However, the uprising was crushed by the Tribe's forces. As punishment, Parrah's supporters were enslaved and became the first Human slaves on Kesh. Meanwhile, Parrah and all his descendants were forced to spin a cord that would reach the stars. Since this task was physically impossible, Parrah and his descendants were condemned to millennia of slavery and became known as the Spinner family. For generations, the Spinner family worked as tailors and weavers in Eorm, a port town that was home to exiled Sith and Keshiri slaves. The Spinner family continued spinning the cord even during the Time of the Rot, which saw a breakdown of law and order in Keshtah Minor, the Tribe's domain.[5]

One of Ermon Parrah's descendants was the Sith criminal Parlan Spinner, who was the only person in the family line to rebel against this servitude. Following a failed attempt to assassinate the ruling Grand Lord Varner Hilts in 2974 BBY, Spinner awakened the ancient Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa and together the two Sith instigated an uprising against the Tribe.[5] However, he turned against Dreypa after the latter unleashed leviathans, reptilian Sithspawn, that were capable of draining the souls of sentient beings. In the end, Spinner fulfilled his ancestor's ambition to "ascend" to the stars when he discovered an ancient Jedi starship beneath the Sith capital Tahv's Circle Eternal plaza. Ultimately, Spinner became the savior of the Tribe when he defeated Dreypa at the cost of destroying the Jedi starship; setting back the Tribe's ambitions of reaching the stars until 41.5 ABY.[6]

Personality and traits[]

Parrah was very knowledgeable in matters of cosmic science, enough so that he was made chief science advisor for the Sith on Kesh. However, when speaking to people who were not as well versed as he was, he could be somewhat condescending.[1] Throughout his life, Parrah harbored the ambition of returning to the stars. This led him to lead a failed attempt to steal the Omen from the Sith Temple. However, he was defeated. As punishment for his brazenness, he and his descendants were condemned to generations of slavery.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Ermon Parrah made his first appearance in the Star Wars canon in John Jackson Miller's 2010 eBook Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon.[1] He later appeared in Miller's 2012 comic sequel Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral 3. His legacy was continued by Parlan Spinner.[5]

According to an email exchange with Miller dating back to October 20 2013, Miller confirmed that the relief navigator Parrah and the Sith rebel Ermon Parrah were in fact the same person. He also clarified that Parrah's rebellion had occurred between the events of the two eBooks Paragon and Savior, since the comic Spiral 3 depicted the Kesh Sith Temple, which was sealed off after the events of Savior. Miller has argued that the Lost Tribe of Sith did not kill Parrah because the Tribe was running out of Humans by that time. According to Miller, the script for Spiral 3 had initially conceptualized Parrah fighting an older Yaru Korsin. However, Miller and his team opted not to name Parrah's opponent since he did not resemble the older version of the character in Pablo Hidalgo's The Essential Reader's Companion, which was released on August 21, 2012. Thus, Miller has speculated that Parrah's opponent was actually one of Korsin's allies.[7]


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