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"I know that you'll be safe with your Aunt Rhee and Aunt Eron. They helped our family escape from the Empire, and they introduced me to the rebels. I don't have time to tell you that part of the story, but you can ask them to tell it to you, when you're ready to know. They love you very much, and they're going to take you to a planet called Alderaan, which is far away from any fighting."
―Ryland to Laina[src]

Eron was a female individual affiliated with the Rebel Alliance. She was the wife of Rhee, and the aunt of Laina. In 2 BBY, she and Rhee helped get Laina and her father Ryland to the Alliance after Ryland's wife, Fiona, was killed after the couple was framed for being rebel spies. In 0 BBY, Eron and Rhee took Laina into their care at Ryland's request, as he felt that his daughter wouldn't be safe at a military base. Eron and Rhee intended to take Laina to Alderaan.[1]

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