"I was at the academy on Eroudac. Small Mid Rim world."
―Izal Garsea[1]

Eroudac was a terrestrial planet located in the Mid Rim and the Slice regions, in grid square P-15 on the Standard Galactic Grid. The planet was orbited by at least one pink moon. After 21 ABY, the Garsea family settled on the planet and established themselves in the Eroudac Citadel. Sometime after her parents died, the smuggler Izal Garsea left the planet after failing a smuggling job for one of her professors at the academy.


Eroudac was a small terrestrial planet with a breathable atmosphere located in the Mid Rim[1] and the Slice regions[2] of the galaxy, in grid square P-15 on the Standard Galactic Grid.[3] Orbited by at least one pink-colored moon, the planet was considered a small world by the smuggler Izal Garsea. The planet had a local law enforcement agency capable of issuing citations and granting landing permits.[1]


A new beginning[]

"I was friendly with some of the guards at the spaceport because I spent most days burning fuel by taking the Meridian for solo runs to nowhere."
―Izal Garsea explaining her days on Eroudac[1]

In 21 ABY,[4] the Garsea family moved out from the Outer Rim planet of Batuu and eventually arrived on Eroudac, where they settled at the Eroudac Citadel. Afterward, Izal Garsea started to attend a local academy to appease her father. Garsea spent most of her days on Eroudac at the spaceport, where she would board her family's light freighter, the Meridian, and fly it around the planet. Izal's mother, Ixel Garsea, had been able to smooth-talk her way out of citations and get landing permits from Eroudac's police officers.[1]

Following the death of her parents, Izal Garsea took a Galactic Politics course at the academy on Eroudac. During the course, she met a fellow student and started dating him. The relationship ended after she met her boyfriend's parents, who did not care for an orphaned woman like Garsea; she had no social status on Eroudac and no aspirations of becoming a politician's wife. Sometime later, Garsea accepted a smuggling job from the academy's genetic science professor. She was set to travel to the planet Haneli aboard her starship, acquire some haneli flowers, and smuggle them off the planet. During the job, Garsea was caught with the flowers, and decided to drop the cargo and to abandon her home on Eroudac rather than returning to face her professor.[1]

Planning the future[]

"Meet me on Eroudac."
―Izal Garsea inviting Julen Rakab to a date[1]

In 34 ABY,[4] Izal Garsea returned to the planet Batuu, where she reunited with her old childhood friend, Julen Rakab. Explaining where she had been, she told Rakab everything that had happened at Eroudac. After a skirmish at a local farm, Garsea learned that Rakab owned a starship, which motivated her to invite Rakab on a date on Eroudac.[1]

Rakab was initially confused about the choice of Eroudac, but Garsea explained that Eroudac was the last place where she had lived with her parents, and that it had ancient ruins and a pink moon. Rakab agreed to go on the date once his ship got repaired. Rakab and Garsea started dating, but their plan to go to Eroudac did not came to fruition, and they instead hoped to visit it together one day.[1] At some point, the historian Eloc Throno included Eroudac on a map in his book Traveler's Guide to Batuu.[5]


"It had ancient ruins and a pink moon."
―Izal Garsea talking about Eroudac[1]

The Eroudac Citadel was a residence where the Garsea family lived during their stay on Eroudac. Other points of interest on Eroudac included the local spaceport, an academy, and ancient ruins.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Eroudac was first mentioned in the 2019 novel A Crash of Fate, written by Zoraida Córdova.[1] Eroudac is an anagram for Ecuador,[6] the country where Córdova was born.[7]



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