Erpham Warrick was the great Ewok warrior who constructed the legendary Ewok battle wagon, which he used to defeat a nearby tribe of Duloks. He was Wicket W. Warrick's great-grandfather, and a role-model for young Ewoks by the time his great-grandson's was a wokling.

Years after Erpham's death, Wicket tried to rebuild the contraption years later. To help him rebuild it, Erpham's ghost appeared from his Soul Tree to guide him. Erpham had a tense moment when the battle wagon was stolen by the Dulok who sought to use it to destroy the Soul Trees. In the actual attack, Erpham's tree was in the direct path of the wagon, but Wicket managed to stop and destroy it before any damage was caused.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Since Erpham appears as a ghost, he must have been Force-sensitive.

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