The Erso family was a family of humans active from before the Clone Wars[1] and the Battle of Scarif[2] who lived on planets such as Grange, Coruscant and Lah'mu. The earliest members of the family were a human man and a woman who had one son: Galen Walton Erso. With his wife Lyra, Galen had a daughter named Jyn.[1]

When Galen was taken by the Galactic Empire to work on the Death Star project by the Advanced Weapons Research Director Orson Callan Krennic, Lyra was killed and Jyn went into hiding with the Partisans' leader Saw Gerrera. Ultimately, Jyn sacrificed her life at Scarif when she stole the Death Star plans to give them to the Alliance to Restore the Republic before being killed by the Death Star's superweapon. As Jyn never had descendants, the family line ended with her.[2]

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Galen Walton Erso's father
Galen Walton Erso's mother
Lyra Erso
Galen Walton Erso
Jyn Erso

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In early versions of the Rogue One story, the matriarch of the family was a surviving Jedi, and there was additionally a younger brother for Jyn to look after.[6]


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