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The Erso homestead, also called the Erso farm, was the home of the Erso family on the planet Lah'mu. The Ersos lived on Lah'mu for four years after escaping Coruscant before being found by Orson Krennic.[3]

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The family's living room

The Erso homestead was situated on sixty-five hectares of land on the planet Lah'mu. The land was purchased with the help of Onderonian rebel Saw Gerrera for the Erso's to use as a hiding place from the Galactic Empire. Most of the living space was subterranean, stark, and closed, with insulator drapes and chiller bars used to help regulate the temperature underground. The kitchen was modular and made of sturdy units to help prevent dry goods from being infested with vermin or insects. Shunts were inserted into geothermal vents to provide power and heat to the structure. Extra power was stored in converted supply tanks for emergency use and to power the homestead's moisture vaporators. Though water had to be collected using vaporators due to the high concentration of minerals in the ground water, the soil in the area was fertile and was used to grow crops—enough to sustain the family. The Ersos employed the use of an SE-2 worker droid to help with menial tasks as well as guarding the homestead.[3]


After the Erso's escaped Coruscant, Gerrera told them about the planet Lah'mu, calling it remote and tranquil, but a bit desolate.[4] The Erso homestead was constructed with assistance from Gerrera, who helped secure the materials necessary to build the structure.[3] The Ersos led a simple life for 4 years while hiding from the Empire. They would conduct safety drills, where the family would hide in a bunker in a cave on the end of the homestead property.[5]

When Krennic and his death troopers arrived, however, only Jyn Erso was sent to the hidden bunker. Lyra Erso was killed when she confronted Krennic and Galen Erso was taken away.[2] Before leaving the system, the death troopers ransacked the Erso residence, looking for Galen's research; floor boards were yanked from the floor, Jyn's bed was overturned and her dolls destroyed, and a fire had been set in the kitchen.[5]

Gerrera came to Lah'mu a few hours after Krennic and his troopers took Galen, having been signaled by Jyn. Gerrera found Jyn in the concealed bunker, and they searched the homestead for any research which Krennic and his troopers may have missed. Satisfied that there was no research to be found, Gerrera placed a bomb in the residential building, which he detonated as they left the homestead, destroying the Ersos' home.[5]



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