Eru Matalis, best known by his title of Havac, was a Human male born on Eriadu. He was a freelance journalist, media correspondent, and holodocumentarian; among other employers, he worked for the Eriadu Free HoloDaily.


During the Stark Hyperspace War, Matalis was active as an avid proponent of nonhuman and civilian rights during the conflict; afterward, he created several holovid documentaries on the unjust and immoral practices of the Trade Federation. The fact that his documentaries were largely unnoticed somewhat dampened his idealism, and he joined the Nebula Front, rising to become head of its Eriadu cell and founding the Front's militant wing. He become one of the Havacs of the Front, and then became the only Havac, having assumed sole leadership over the Front.

It was his idea (along with the secret assistance of Senator Palpatine) to hire Arwen Cohl, attack the Federation at Dorvalla, attempt two assassinations of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, and murder the Trade Federation Directorate. He was killed at the Eriadu Trade Summit by Arwen Cohl who also died.



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