Eruption is a short story written by John Ostrander that appeared in Star Wars Insider 141. The story is a pre-Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void story starring Hawk Ryo and Lanoree Brock. The audio version is included with the Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void audiobook narrated by January LaVoy.

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The two Journeyers were sent by the Je'daii Council to negotiate a settlement between Dessain Mining and their workers. The workers wanted to have a representative who would voice their opinion on how the company is run. The two sides had decided that the best way to accomplish that is by an arranged marriage between Oma Dessain—daughter of the company's owner—and the oldest son of the workers leader - Brom Santis. Unfortunately young Oma has been kidnapped by the Dessain's rival Baron Volnos Ryo's people. The kidnapping resulted in rise of the tension between the negotiating sides as both viewed the other as the culprit. In the meantime the girl has been held in an abandoned building in Kainnan. The city was evacuated due to the imminent volcano eruption. While Je'daii Ranger Brock was trying to keep the negotiations going, Ranger Ryo located Oma. Using the eruption of the volcano as a diversion he manages to rescue the girl. At the same time in the negotiation chambers Betolo—a servant of the Dessain family secretly working for the Shikaakwa crime lord—tried to poison Ranger Brock hoping that that would lead to an open conflict between both sides. However, Lanoree Brock sensed that something was off with her drink and rooted out the traitor from their midst. After Oma's return home she refused to marry the young Santis. While listening to the fight between father and daughter Brock came with the idea of fostering - the youths would become foster children and spend six months with each household. The two families were forced to accept the Je'daii's suggestion and after working out the details the Rangers left Zerist. Lanoree Brock received a message from the Council to return to Tython for a special mission while Hawk Ryo headed out to Furies Gate.


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