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The sister of Esano was a Human female whose family ran the Kozinarg Trade Guilds. She was kidnapped by members of the Scourge and taken to the icy world of Yellowblade's Landing. The Sith brothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress freed her, but then held her hostage to distract the Jedi task force that was trying to apprehend them. After evading the Jedi and bringing her to her homeworld, Pleem's Nexus, for a large amount of credits. Maul and Opress slew her brother and his security forces when he told them to kill his sister and make him the only heir to their family's fortune. She then gave them access to her family's vault, but they left it behind when the arrival of the Jedi from Yellowblade's Landing forced them to leave the planet.[1]


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