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"Ezra, I'd like you to meet my baby, the Escape."
―Kanan Jarrus, to Ezra Bridger[src]

The Escape, previously known as the Farbrooke's Hope, was a small freighter that belonged to former Confederate General Kleeve, who became a smuggler on Lahn after the Clone Wars. The Farbrooke's Hope, rechristened the Escape, was then taken by former Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume to Moraga, where it was looked after by the Moragan Morfizo. Years later, Dume, now Kanan Jarrus, returned and used the Escape to rescue Morfizo from the Galactic Empire.


Owned by Kleeve[]

"She was originally called Farbrooke's Hope…though Kasmir was planning to rename her the Kasmiri Two. No vanity there, right?"
"Maybe I'll just call her the Escape."
"Seems appropriate."
―Kleeve and Caleb Dume[src]

The Farbrooke's Hope was acquired by the smuggler "Jondo", formerly General Kleeve of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He kept the freighter in Bay Seventeen of the spaceport on the planet Lahn.[3]

Kleeve shows the Farbrooke's Hope to Caleb Dume

Several months after the end of the Clone Wars and Order 66, Kleeve made a deal with Janus Kasmir to trade the Farbrooke's Hope for a shipment of spice. Kasmir traveled to Lahn with his partner Caleb Dume, who had previously faced Kleeve on Kaller. While Kasmir left to steal some spice, he sent Dume to meet with "Jondo" and confirm their deal. Dume arrived, realizing who "Jondo" really was, pulling his blaster pistol on him in shock. Kleeve convinced Dume to put his weapon away and continue organizing the trade, asking whether Kasmir had his spice. After finding out that Kasmir planned to trade the spice for a ship, he returned to Kasmir, only to find that he had been confronted by Commander Grey, who was searching for Dume. To escape capture, Dume returned to Kleeve and asked to collect the ship early and have Kasmir hand over the shipment of spice at a later time.[3]

Reluctantly, Kleeve took Dume to the ship, telling him that Kasmir had planned to name it the Kasmiri Two, after his current ship. Dume thought of naming it the Escape, a name that Kleeve thought was appropriate for his situation. Before he could take the ship, they were ambushed by Captain Styles, who knocked Dume unconscious and took him prisoner.[3] Kleeve took the Farbrooke's Hope, along with Kasmir in his ship, and followed the Gozanti-class cruiser Dume was held aboard. The cruiser fired on both the Farbrooke's Hope and the Kasmiri, and the shields of both ships were taking severe damage. However, Commander Grey, realizing that the clone troopers had no free will when being ordered to follow Order 66, sabotaged their cruiser's controls and disabling their shields, allowing Kasmir and Kleeve to destroy it. They landed back on Kaller, where Dume decided to part ways with Kasmir, taking the ship, now officially named the Escape, and left the planet. He landed on Moraga, where he encountered the Moragan Morfizo, introducing himself as Kanan Jarrus.[1]

Rescue of Morfizo[]

"So all this time, you had a secret ship stashed away. Imagine that."
―Ezra Bridger, to Kanan Jarrus[src]

Ezra, Kanan and Morfizo return to the Escape

The Escape remained on Moraga for many years, kept safe by Morfizo and his family. When Morfizo was captured by the Galactic Empire and taken to Lahn, Jarrus, along with Ezra Bridger, was taken to Moraga by Gamut Key. Jarrus promised to rescue Morfizo, asking his wife Morfizia whether the Escape was alright. Morfizia showed them the freighter, which Jarrus and Bridger took to Lahn to rescue Morfizo. Landing the freighter on Illmek Island, the same place where Caleb Dume had been with Kasmir, Jarrus and Bridger left to infiltrate the Imperial outpost on the island. Jarrus rescued Morfizo and returned to the Escape, where they were joined by Ezra shortly afterwards. They left on the Escape, returning to Kaller, where Morfizo reunited with his family, and Key arranged a place for the ship to be hidden.[2]


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