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In 20 BBY, the Galactic Republic's D-Squad attempted to escape from the planet Abafar so that they could return the encryption module to the Jedi High Council on Coruscant.


In 20 BBY, D-Squad—consisting of droids R2-D2, QT-KT, M5-BZ, U9-C4, and WAC-47 and led by Zilkin Colonel Meebur Gascon—undertook a mission to Aut-O's flagship, in order to steal an encryption module from the separatists. On their way back to Coruscant, their ship encountered comets, and suffered severe damage, forcing them to crash-land on the remote world.

The EscapeEdit

Finding Pons OraEdit

After a short discussion, the squad started a journey, in order to find a ship, or at least a town. Colonel Gascon emptied his bottle and threw it away. They found a wrecked ship with several dead bodies and destroyed droids. Gascon started to lose his mind, saying he would commit suicide when finding the bottle he threw away some time earlier.

With Gascon having tempers and WAC announcing himself as a unofficial leader, eventually the squad split into two groups: R2, BZ, QT and C4 continued their journey, while WAC stayed with Gascon. The Colonel was about to give up the hope, when a herd of flightless birds crossed their way. Following the instincts of the native animals, Gascon and WAC grabbed two of the creatures, which transported them to the city of Pons Ora, where the other members of the D-Squad were already present. Gascon was so happy he found a city, and water, that he made WAC a corporal.

Capture of the shuttleEdit

"Yes, we do have a new mission: stop the Separatist from blowing up that cruiser."
"I'll cover you and clear the way, Colonel. You all head strait to the shuttle; I'll take care of those clankers."
"Sounds like a good plan. You soldiers ready to get dangerous?"
―Colonel Gascon and Gregor discussing the plan with D-Squad[src]

Gregor singlehandedly covers D-Squad's escape

Later on, the squad found Gregor, a Republic clone commando working in Pons Ora as a dishwasher who was suffering from amnesia, after going M.I.A at the Battle of Sarrish. He couldn't remember him ever fighting in the Galactic Republic. D-Squad saw him as there only chance of escaping Abafar so they helped Gregor regain his memory and was recruited by them back into the Republic. Gregor and D-Squad made it to the droid base where they were loading Rhydonium into a heavily guarded Nu-class attack shuttle intending to blow up a Venator-class Star Destroyer stationed above the planet. With Gregor providing covering fire, D-Squad made its way towards the shuttle with Gregor intending to meet them there. On their way, a Rhydonium canister was shot and exploded, knocking over WAC-47 and M5-BZ with Colonel Gascon in him. WAC got up and ran to the shuttle but Gascon was left stranded with the knocked over M5-BZ. Gregor told WAC to start up the shuttle while he went back to retrieve Gascon and M5-BZ. While the two made their way to the shuttle, Gregor held off the approaching droids, getting pinned down behind a pile of crates. While D-Squad insisted that they could swing back and pick up Gregor, Gregor declined, saying that he promised he would find another way home. As D-Squad escapes, Gregor makes a final stand against the approaching droids, shooting and detonating cans of Rhydonium. As the shuttle flies off, Gregor takes out another canister of the volatile substance, causing the compound to go up in a large fireball. With Gregor's fate unknown, Colonel Gascon says that they will bring Gregor's story back to the Republic and watch for his possible return.


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