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During the First Order-Resistance War, the Colossus refueling platform escaped First Order forces on the planet Aeos Prime. After fleeing the planet Castilon, the Colossus spent several months searching for a new world to settle. They picked the planet Aeos Prime, an isolated ocean world. Despite initial hostilities, the Colossus residents managed to make peace with the Aeosian Queen, who gave them asylum.

However, the First Order soon discovered the Colossus' location after Kazuda Xiono encountered a spider probe droid while trying to rejoin the Resistance. First Order forces under Commander Pyre attacked the Colossus, seeking to destroy the station. Following a dogfight, the refueling platform managed to escape into hyperspace. Due to her actions during the battle, First Order TIE Fighter Pilot cadet Tamara Ryvora was promoted to Second Squadron Commander.


After breaking free of a First Order military occupation after the Hosnian Cataclysm,[6] the inhabitants of the Colossus took their refueling platform into space, eluding the First Order. After several months of scouting, Captain Imanuel Doza decided to settle on the planet Aeos Prime, an ocean world similar to Castilon.[1]

The Colossus was initially met by hostility from the indigenous Aeosians, who mistakenly believed that they were the same First Order Star Destroyer that had attacked their village, which was built on top of a rebel base. The Resistance pilot Kazuda Xiono managed to convince the Aeosian Queen that the Colossus residents meant no harm by healing a wounded Aeosian. As a result, the Queen called off hostilities and allowed the Colossus residents to settle on Aeos Prime.[1]

Believing that the Colossus was safe, Xiono decided to rejoin the Resistance and made arrangements to rendezvous with Norath Kev on Batuu. While flying the starfighter and racer Fireball, Xiono encountered a First Order probe droid. Despite destroying the probe droid, the droid managed to transmit a message to Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny, who were hunting for the Colossus. Realizing that the Colossus was in danger, Xiono aborted his plans to rejoin the Resistance. After CB-23 repaired the Fireball, he returned to warn his fellow residents.[4]

The battle[]

Dogfight above Aeos Prime[]

Returning to the Colossus, Xiono warned Jarek Yeager, Neeku Vozo, Bucker, and Captain Doza. The Colossus' long range scanners soon picked up a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, the Thunderer. For the battle, Commander Pyre deployed several TIE/fo space superiority fighters and TIE/se Bombers. The First Order's starfighter assault force included the new TIE fighter pilot cadets Tamara Ryvora and Jace Rucklin. Lieutenant Galek ordered First Order forces to prevent the Colossus from escaping and to destroy the fugitive station.[4]

In response, Captain Doza ordered 4D-M1N to man the station's guns and deployed Ace Squadron to defend the Colossus while the station prepared to jump into hyperspace. Ace Squadron including Xiono, who was flying Yeager's ship with "Bucket", fought with First Order TIE fighters and bombers. Several TIEs and bombers were shot down by Ace Squadron or taken out by the Colossus' cannons. The Aeosian Queen also helped her Colossus allies by sending warriors on winged krakavora beasts into the fray. These warriors managed to down a bomber and TIE fighter.[4]

Escaping the Star Destroyer[]

During the second phase, Pyre's Star Destroyer entered Aeos Prime's atmosphere and bombarded the station. Though the Colossus' deflector shields took considerable damage, Captain Doza and his crew managed to bring the space station into the skies of Aeos Prime. Having done their part to help the Colossus, the Aeosian Queen ordered her forces and people to flee underground.[4]

At the advice of Kaz, Ace Squadron attacked Pyre's Star Destroyer in order to allow the Colossus to distract the First Order. This plan succeeded and the Colossus was able to rise into the upper atmosphere of Aeos Prime. Kaz was also pursued by his former friend Ryvora, who was flying a TIE fighter. Kaz managed to distract her by firing a missile at the bridge of the Star Destroyer. Ryvora managed to take out the missile, saving the lives of Commander Pyre, Agent Tierny, and the bridge crew.[4]

The Colossus eventually managed to reach space. With the hyperdrive ready, Captain Doza ordered the Aces to return to their mother ship. The Colossus and its inhabitants then escaped into hyperspace, leaving the First Order behind.[4]


Following the escape from Aeos Prime, Kaz recounted his encounter with Tamara Ryvora to Yeager. Believing that Tam had turned on them, Yeager counselled a reluctant Kaz to treat her as their enemy, reasoning that she had made her choice. Due to her actions in saving the Star Destroyer during the battle, Agent Tierny and Lieutenant Galek promoted Ryvora to Second Squadron Commander.[4]

As punishment for sheltering the Colossus and its inhabitants, a First Order fleet of fourteen Star Destroyers led by Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny's ship orbitally bombarded the Aeosian village that had aided them as well as the surrounding area.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

The Escape from Aeos Prime first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season Two episode "No Place Safe", which premiered on Disney XD on January 12, 2019.[4]



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