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"Escape from Coruscant" is the eleventh episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

Official description[]

Against orders, Kordi and Zander take the Arrowhead to Coruscant in a desperate bid to save their brother.…[1]

Plot summary[]

Audience with the Emperor[]

At the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, an impatient Emperor Palpatine menaces his Royal Guards, demanding to know if Darth Vader and Rowan Freemaker have arrived yet. Palpatine chides the guards for doing nothing but standing and being red. Shorty later, the blast doors slide open and Lord Vader enters with Rowan in chains. Vader tells Rowan to meet his new master.

The Emperor demands that Rowan give him the Kyber Saber. However, Rowan cheekily tells him that he does not have the Kyber Saber and asks if this is why the Emperor has been chasing him around the galaxy. When the Emperor demands to know where the Kyber Saber is, Rowan tells him that the Kyber Saber is at the bottom of a lava pit. The Emperor is furious to learn that Rowan has thrown away the most powerful weapon in the galaxy.

When Rowan asks if he can go away, the Emperor unleashes Force lightning and throws a tantrum, hurling furniture around the his throne room and knocking the two Royal Guards into each other. After the Emperor regains his composure, Lord Vader reassures his master that Rowan can still be of use to them because he can help them gather kyber crystals. This pleases the Emperor and he decides he can use Rowan to help power up the second Death Star. The Emperor orders his guards to leave as he deals with Rowan. Rowan tells the Emperor he is not afraid but he Emperor menacingly disagrees.

Putting family first[]

Kordi Freemaker, Zander Freemaker, and Roger enter the Home One's command center with news that Rowan has been captured. General Hera Syndulla tells Zander and Kordi to speak one at a time since she can't hear them. They tell the rebel leadership that Darth Vader has captured their brother Rowan. When Admiral Ackbar struggles to hear them, Roger tells him that Vader has captured Rowan and is taking him to Coruscant.

Zander asks for permission to lead a rescue mission and Kordi asks for 20 X-wing starfighters, three ion cannons, a ground team, a tub of organic bantha jelly, and the Arrowhead. Mon Mothma is unwilling to give them the Arrowhead due to its strategic value to the Alliance. Admiral Ackbar apologizes that he has to deny permission. When Kordi asks if they care about Rowan, General Hera Syndulla reassures her that they do. Admiral Ackbar explains that they lack the resources to mount an attack on Coruscant.

Kordi pleads for them to be allowed to use the Arrowhead for their rescue mission but Motma is unwilling to sacrifice everything for which Rowan has fought. Kordi and Zander are distraught. Just then, rebel personnel bring news that the Bothan spies have confirmed that the Empire is indeed building a second Death Star. Admiral Ackbar and General Syndulla exit to attend to the crisis while Mon Mothma directs their senior leadership teams to combat operations.

As the rebels scramble, the Freemakers walk down the hallway. Zander is frustrated that nobody will listen to them because they are preoccupied with the second Death Star. Kordi tells Zander and Roger that they are going to rebel against the Rebellion.

Palpatine's presentation[]

Meanwhile, the Emperor gloats as Rowan is held in a containment field. He delights with the prospect of extracting information and asks Vader where M-OC is. Vader claims that M-OC helped him to find the boy but that he fell to pieces in the process. However, back on Qalydon, M-OC rebuilds himself. Despite the alleged loss of M-OC, the Emperor is jubilant and demands that Rowan reveal the location of the kyber crystals. Rowan remains defiant and uncooperative.

The Emperor then brings out an IT-O Interrogation Unit which plays a hologram propaganda video depicting moments in Palpatine's life including his time as Senator of Naboo, meeting with Queen Padmé Amidala, Sidious fighting Mace Windu, and Palpatine speaking during his Proclamation of the New Order. Sidious boasts of using deception, manipulation, terror, and the dark side to get his way. Rowan is bored by the video and asks if Palpatine is serious. Vader confirms this is so.

Later, the Emperor tries to entice Rowan into joining the dark side by offering a Sith lightsaber, dark robes, and a limited edition caf mug. However, Rowan is asleep since he was bored by the Emperor's presentation. Vader tells the Emperor that Rowan nodded off during his explanation of the Rule of Two. After grumbling about the late Count Dooku not understanding the Rule of Two, the Emperor decides to try it the halfway has the IT-O droid assume interrogation mode. Rowan thinks it is another presentation but the Emperor tells him that he will tell him how to find the kyber crystals as the droid approaches Rowan with a needle.

Stealing the Arrowhead[]

Back aboard the Home One, the other Freemakers find the unguarded Arrowhead and decide to take it to rescue Rowan. Kordi and Zander manage to approach the starship but Roger bumps into an astromech droid. The Freemakers are discovered by Lieutenant Valeria who asks what in the "Five Fire Rings of Fornax" they are doing. Kordi and Zander claim that Admiral Ackbar assigned them to cleaning duties aboard the Arrowhead.

At Zander's signal, Roger detaches his left arm and tries to sneak up on Valeria from behind. However, Valeria deduces that they are going to launch the Arrowhead to rescue their brother. Roger tries to knock Valeria out but she dodges him and seizes his arm. To their surprise, Valeria takes pity on the Freemakers and tells them that she would have done the same thing. She tells them that she never say them before handing Roger back his arm and disappearing.

Before departing, Kordi warns that the rebels would strip them of their promotions. Zander accepts that he might never fly again while Kordi says that they might lose what they have earned in the Rebel Alliance. However, Roger reminds them of Rowan's quote "what's the point of saving the galaxy if the people you love aren't in it." Kordi realizes Roger is right and tells Zander to punch the controls. The Arrowhead flies out of the Home One. When a comm officer informs Admiral Ackbar of the Arrowhead's departure, he sighs and mumbles "Freemakers."

Dogfight above Coruscant[]

As the Arrowhead exits hyperspace above Coruscant, she encounters three Imperial Star Destroyers which dispatch TIE fighters to intercept the rebel ship. Kordi and Zander are eager for a dogfight and deploy the embersteel Blade. The Arrowhead slices through the Imperial TIE defenses, destroying numerous starfighters.

Three Imperial officers at the Imperial palace watch the dogfight in horror. The colonel is confident that the Emperor will know when an enemy spacecraft is approaching but the lieutenant counters that he left explicit instructions not to be disturb. They dispatch the ensign to alert the Emperor. However, the Emperor blasts him with Force lightning for disturbing his interrogation. The officers decide to send a Red Guard.

Back in the throne room, the Emperor and Lord Vader decide to use a mind probe on Roger, after having wrecked several Interrogation Units. The Emperor is frustrated at Rowan's resistance and incinerates the IT-O Interrogation Units with Force lightning. Lord Vader ells Rowan he is strong with the Force but boasts he is stronger.

Meanwhile in space, the Arrowhead cuts one Star Destroyer in half, sending its frontal section crashing into another. After Roger says that is the last of them, Zander decides that it is time to fetch their little brother. As the Arrowhead descends into Coruscant's atmosphere, M-OC returns aboard the Tracker I. He is intrigued by the Arrowhead's power.

Lord Vader's mind probe and infiltrating the Imperial Palace[]

At the Imperial Palace, Lord Vader questions Rowan about where he found the kyber crystal to build the Arrowhead and demands he reveals its location. Rowan refuses to cooperate. Lord Vader then displays a star map and asks which region Roan found the kyber crystals, listing the Deep Core, Colonies, and the Outer Rim. Reading Rowan's thoughts, Vader deduces that Rowan found the crystal in the Outer Rim. He senses Rowan's fear of failure and tries to probe into his mind. Rowan resists but the Emperor taunts Rowan that nobody is going to save him and that it is only a matter of time before his destiny is fulfilled.

Two Royal Guards try to end the throne room with news of the Arrowhead but the Emperor blasts them with Force lightning. The lieutenant then proposes sending stormtroopers. Meanwhile, the Arrowhead approaches the Imperial Palace with TIEs on its tail. Roger points out that they haven't deactivated the shields to let Zander down and asks how it is going to work with those TIEs. Zander gets an idea and then dives behind the TIEs and rips them apart. Kordi says there will be more but that it will buy them enough time.

The Freemakers approach a landing pad which is guarded by several stormtroopers. Kordi convinces Roger to take control and to fly the Arrowhead to the top spire. Kordi and Zander open the canopy and jump out. Zander is afraid but jumps onto the main spire. More TIEs approach but Roger uses the Arrowhead to rip them apart. Meanwhile, Kordi and Zander infiltrate the Imperial Palace through the maintenance hatch.

The officers send several stormtroopers to warn the Emperor but he blasts them aside with Force lightning. The officers give up trying to warn the Emperor and walk away, opining that they did their best. Meanwhile, Vader plays on Rowan's fears and demands the location of the kyber crystals. Despite Rowan's resistance, Vader locates the kyber crystals in Sector F19. He taunts Rowan that his resolve is weakening and that there is no one to save him including his rebel friends and family.

Lord Vader tells Rowan that he is alone and that he is weak and his fears betray him. Vader extracts the location of the kyber crystal planet, telling Rowan his failure is complete. The Emperor cackles with laughter. Lord Vader tells the Hutt crime lord Graballa by hologram to take his mining team twelve parsecs past Terminus where he will find the kyber crystals. Graballa says that is far away and asks if Vader can reimburse him for fuel. However, Vader Force chokes Graballa and he complies.

Rescuing Rowan[]

Having extracted the information, the Emperor orders two stormtroopers to take Rowan into the dungeons and promises to get rid of him once they have acquired the kyber crystals. Two stormtroopers drag a broken Rowan away. Meanwhile, Kordi and Zander ambush two Royal Guards and steal their robes.

Elsewhere, Roger dogfights above the Imperial Palace, destroying three more TIE fighters with the Arrowhead. Roger initially panics when he sees M-OC's Tracker I but believes the Arrowhead is invincible and pursues M-OC's starfighter. Realizing that there is only one course of action, M-OC pauses the Tracker I in mid-air. The Arrowhead smashes through the Tracker 1 with its Embersteel Blade, seemingly destroying the hunter droid and his starfighter. Roger boasts about beating the shiny new droid.

Back at the Imperial Palace, the disguised Kordi and Zander tells the stormtroopers guarding Rowan that the Emperor has issued new orders for Rowan to be thrown into the garbage compactor. The stormtroopers grumble that is the first time any of the Royal Guards have spoken. Rowan is delighted that his siblings have come to rescue him and hugs them. Kordi contacts Roger for a rendezvous. Roger wants to tell them about his victory over M-OC but Kordi is in a hurry.

Ambushed by M-OC[]

Roger meets them at the top spire of the Imperial Palace. He is about to tell them of his victory over M-OC when the hunter droid surprises him. It turns out that M-OC survived the clash with the Arrowhead by clinging to the ship's hull. He tells them that he waited for them to lower their shields before tearing Roger apart and throwing him over the battlements of the Imperial Palace. The Freemakers cry in horror as M-OC seizes the Arrowhead as a fitting prize for his Emperor.

M-OC then fires on the top pinnacle, causing the Freemakers to fall down the battlements. Rowan saves his siblings by using the Force to suspend them in mid-air. Rowan asks Roger if he is okay. Roger replies that just because he's a droid doesn't mean that he is okay.

At the Imperial Palace, the Emperor and Lord Vader celebrate their victory when they receive a hologram transmission from M-OC. M-OC tells them that he has rebuilt himself and seize the Arrowhead, which he flies outside the throne room's window. M-OC offers it as amends for his previous errors. The Emperor forgives M-OC and tells Vader that M-OC gets things done. When Lord Vader counters that he found enough kyber crystals to power the Death Star, the Emperor belittles him.

Escaping to fight another day[]

As stormtroopers prepare for a clean-up at the Imperial Palace, Zander asks what they should do since the Empire has captured the Arrowhead. Despite their losses, Kordi tells her older brother it could have been worse. Rowan tells them that he gave the Empire the location of the kyber crystals and blames himself for the loss of the Arrowhead and the second Death Star being fast-tracked. Though Rowan thinks the rebels are going to lose because of his actions, Kordi disagrees and tells him that they still have a chance of winning if they warn them.

Using the Force, Rowan builds a TIE fighter out of the starship wreckage. Zander and Rowan think things are bad because they handed everything to the Empire. Roger reassures them that at least they are safe. Back at the Imperial Palace, Lord Vader reports that the Freemakers are escaping but the Emperor is not worried since he has sent M-OC to eliminate the Freemakers so that they never interfere with his plans. Palpatine laughs.


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Notes and references[]

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