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The Escape from Rattatak was the escape of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the ARC clone trooper Alpha-17 from Asajj Ventress's citadel of Rattatak. Ventress tormented Obi-Wan with muscle maggots and a Sith torture mask. She did this to prove him unworthy of being a potential apprentice to Dooku.

Obi-Wan and Alpha escaped from their cells and killed Asajj's guards and tried to escape on the landing pad. Asajj intercepted them, but couldn't prevent them from escaping. They were pursued by Separatist fighters, but were destroyed by bounty hunters trying to get Jedi bounties. Anakin Skywalker and Ki-Adi-Mundi rescued them and returned them to Coruscant.

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Due to a number of continuity conflicts with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is set in the first year of the war, some of the events of the Clone Wars, including the Escape from Rattatak, are likely to see redating to fit into the first year.



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