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After the First Order occupied the Colossus platform in 34 ABY, Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono helped Synara San, a spy for the Warbird gang, escape from the station before she could be captured. Although Xiono, who had only recently discovered San's true allegiance, knew she had been working for the pirates, he also figured that she was a good person, having helped him during the Bibo incident and the kidnapping of Torra Doza, as well as considering her a friend.

Therefore, he along with astromech droid BB-8 and his friend Neeku Vozo, helped San escape in the last of the platform's escape pods. San returned to the Warbirds while Xiono, Vozo, and BB-8 avoided being captured for their role in her escape.


During the New Republic era, Commander Pyre and Captain Phasma staged the kidnapping and rescue of Torra Doza in order to convince her father Captain Imanuel Doza to accept First Order protection over the Colossus platform from Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang. Unknown to many on the Colossus, the First Order had been using them as proxies. Due to the First Order's efforts in rescue his daughter, Captain Doza allowed the First Order to establish a presence on the Colossus.[3]

As a result, First Order stormtroopers began patrolling the platform's streets and verifying the identity of its residents. They also began restricting travel off the platform and monitoring communications. While Captain Doza was uneasy with these heightened security measures, Commander Pyre defended them on the grounds that the pirates posed a threat to the Colossus.[3]

The hunt for Synara SanEdit

Helping a friendEdit

As part of their security crackdown, First Order stormtroopers began searching for "suspicious" individuals including Synara San, the Warbird pirates' spy aboard the Colossus. After stormtroopers visited Jarek Yeager's Repair Station seeking information on Synara, the undercover Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono realized that his friend was in danger. Meanwhile, Synara contacted her boss Kragan and sought his help in getting off the Colossus. However, Kragan was unable to assist due to the tight First Order security cordon.[3]

While Xiono's BB-series astromech droid companion and minder BB-8 argued against helping Synara due to her role in Torra's kidnapping, Kaz countered that he liked her as a friend because she had helped to rescue Torra and protect the Colossus during the Bibo incident. Later that night, Kaz visited Synara at the loading dock with BB-8 and offered to help escape the Colossus. Synara accepted Kaz's help and he and BB-8 smuggled her through the loading dock in a container.[3]

Escaping the ColossusEdit

A masked Kaz and BB-8 transported Synara in the container to a hangar bay where a Star Commuter 2000 was docked. While BB-8 was trying to unlocked the shuttle's docking ramp, he triggered an alarm which attracted the attention of stormtroopers. Kaz told Synara to hide in the cargo compartment while he and BB-8 distracted the First Order.[3]

Kaz and BB-8 led the stormtroopers on a chase but reached a dead end. Before the stormtroopers could apprehend them, Synara returned and knocked them out. They returned to the hangar only to find that the Star Commuter shuttle had already departed. With the starship option gone, Kaz turned to his friend Neeku Vozo, who knew the Colossus like the "back of his hand."[3]

Neeku helped Synara, Kaz, and BB-8 navigate their way through the Colossus' lower corridors which led to the escape pods. By that stage, the First Order had launched a manhunt for Synara San. While traveling through the lower levels, the group were pursued by stormtroopers. Neeku created a distraction by leaking gas into the corridors and leading the stormtroopers on a chase.[3]

This distraction enabled Kaz and Synara to take a turbolift and reach the escape pod bay. Meanwhile, Neeku reached a dead-end but was saved by BB-8, who discharged smoke which allowed them to escape the stormtroopers. Synara managed to escape in an escape pod before the stormtroopers reach the escape pod. Kaz, Neeku, and BB-8 then returned to Yeager's repairs, not informing the others of their adventure.[3]


Helping Synara San to escape the Colossus strengthened the bonds of friendship between Kaz and Synara. After escaping into the sea, Synara San transmitted her pick-up coordinates to Kragan, who picked her up in a skiff in the ocean. After returning to Yeager's repairs, Kaz told Tamara Ryvora, who had befriended Synara, that Synara had left the Colossus because she was uncomfortable with the First Order. Tam, who was sympathetic to the First Order but unaware of Synara's pirate connections, was surprised that her friend did not said goodbye.[3]

Following Synara's escape, Captain Doza opined that there was no need for the First Order's occupation. However, Commander Pyre suspected that she had help and used the pretext of discovering her accomplice to maintain the occupation. The deepening First Order occupation would also create further complications for the undercover Resistance spy Kaz, his friends in Team Fireball, and the refugee orphans Kel and Eila.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The escape from the Colossus first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season One episode "The First Order Occupation", which premiered on February 3, 2019.



Notes and referencesEdit

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