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"Escape from the Jedi Temple" is the fourth episode of the LEGO short film series LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles. It premiered on May 4, 2014, and is set during the time of the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker's poor judgment nearly gets him and his friends captured by Darth Vader. After witnessing this bit of immaturity, both Yoda and the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi make the decision to expand Luke's training and bring out the last of the Jedi holocrons.[4]

Opening crawl[]

Episode IV
The forces of the Rebel Alliance
have struck a major blow against
the Empire with their destruction
of the DEATH STAR.

Emboldened by their victory, LUKE
SKYWALKER and his friends celebrate
unaware that at that very moment
DARTH VADER is on their trail
determined to exact a terrible

Plot summary[]

Following the Battle of Yavin, the Heroes of Yavin celebrate aboard the Millennium Falcon despite C-3PO's misgivings that they are still not out of danger yet. The rebels are then pursued by a force of TIE fighters and an Imperial Star Destroyer led by Darth Vader himself. Vader says "You'll never escape me now!" and an officer assures Vader that they cannot hear him causing Vader to Force chokes the officer. Luke flies the Falcon over the bridge of Vader's Star Destroyer and leads the warship on a pursuit which eventually causes the Star Destroyer to turn upside down. Luke tries to take the Falcon into hyperspace but only ends up exposing it to more TIE fighters.

Meanwhile on Dagobah, Jedi Masters Yoda and the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi sense that Luke is too brash and reckless to begin his training. The two Jedi then decide that they must now unravel the holocrons that they have hidden. This leads to a flashback scene of the Jedi efforts to recover the holocrons from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant following the Great Jedi Purge. After Kenobi had delivered an infant Luke to his uncle Owen Lars on Tatooine, Yoda was dismayed to learn that Kenobi had neglected to evacuate the Temple's holocrons during their flight. He stresses that they need the holocrons to train Luke and instructs Senator Bail Prestor Organa and Kenobi to rendezvous with him on Kashyyyk. Before leaving, Kenobi flees a horde of Tusken Raiders riding on banthas by commandeering Jabba's sail barge.

At the Chancellor's Suite, Emperor Palpatine brings a CD player playing The Imperial March to a meeting of several senators. Palpatine is annoyed when the Gran Senator Ask Aak starts booing and stings him with Force lightning. However, he is mollified when Ask Aak reveals that booing means cheering on his planet. With the Jedi gone, he warns the Senators that anyone who defies him will face the wrath of his apprentice Darth Vader. Vader trips since he is not used to his new legs. When the Senators laugh, he Force-chokes them.

On Kashyyyk, the Jedi and Senator Organa rendezvous. While Organa cautions against exposing themselves to the Sith, Yoda is determined to recover the holocrons in order to begin training Luke. Organa is also accompanied by a gun-toting C-3PO and R2-D2, the former of whom exhibits a macho attitude. The Jedi and Organa are further supported by a strike team consisting of surviving Padawans, the Force-sensitive Clone trooper Jek-14, and the Ithorian Jedi Knight Noga-ta, an old classmate of Kenobi.

The Jedi strike team travel to Coruscant. Kenobi and Yoda stay behind to monitor the mission from Yoda's escape pod with R2-D2. The strike team including 3PO land in the Jedi Temple and the Jedi make their way into the Holocron Vaults. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Palpatine is watching television and chomping on popcorn. Against Senator Organa's advice, 3PO fights the 501st Legion, which draws the attention of the Emperor and Vader. 3PO manages to knock out several of the Emperor's Royal Guard by toppling several statues on them.

Meanwhile, the Padawans and Jek-14 help themselves to the holocrons but are obstructed by a librarian droid. Jek-14 personally shoots the droid. Elsewhere, C-3PO confronts Darth Vader only to lose his bravado when Vader tells him he is just a protocol droid. Vader quickly realizes that the Jedi are after the holocrons and rushes to deal with them. 3PO and Organa flee Palpatine and his Royal Guards. Vader catches the Padawans and Jek-14 before they can collect the last of the holocrons on the shelf. Vader uses Force to wrench off Jek-14's arm and Force-chokes his old friend Noga-ta before hurling him to the ground.

The Nautolan Padawan tells Anakin they are not afraid only for Vader to tell them that his name is Darth Vader. Vader engages the Padawans in a lightsaber duel. While Kenobi is concerned, Yoda tells him that they must let the Padawans learn and not treat them like babies. Eventually, Vader manages to throw the Padawans to the ground and Force-choke them. Unnoticed, Noga-Ta passes Jek-14's cybernetic arm back to the Clone trooper. Before Vader can kill the Padawans, he is distracted by a holoprojection of Master Kenobi who goads him. However, this turns out to be a trap created by the Togruta Jedi, who is able to lure Vader into a sealed room. The Jedi then flee with the holocrons.

Meanwhile, Organa and C-3PO escape on a starship. The Jedi also escape on cloaked speeders before Vader and his stormtroopers can catch up with them and their valuable cargo. In space, the Jedi Padawans rejoin Masters Kenobi, Yoda, and C-3PO and together they flee offworld. However, they are pursued by several TIE fighters led by Darth Vader. The Imperial TIEs open fire on the fleeing Jedi, causing several of the holocrons to fall out into Coruscant's orbit. One hits the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane while the other destroys the sign outside Lando Calrissian's "Millennium Falcon Night Club."

Vader is about to shoot down the fleeing Jedi ships when Senator Organa and 3PO swing their starship into the TIE fighters. Vader descends into Coruscant's orbit while the Jedi celebrate their victory and thank C-3PO and Bail Organa for saving the day. 3PO begs Bail not to have another memory wipe. Kenobi buries the holocrons under the sands of Tatooine and fashions the skeleton of a krayt dragon into a landmark. Returning to the present, Yoda reflects on the importance of helping young Jedi by staying out of their way. He then tells Kenobi's Force ghost to tell Luke about the holocrons.

Meanwhile, the Millennium Falcon is being pursued by Vader's TIE fighters. The Sith Lord is piloting his personal TIE Advanced fighter. When Princess Leia complains about Han Solo's flying abilities, he reminds her that her "boyfriend" landed them in this trouble. Leia retorts that Luke is not her boyfriend. Meanwhile, 3PO consoles a despondent Luke that he will always be his hero. At that point, Luke is contacted by the Force ghost of Kenobi. However, Skywalker is startled by Kenobi's apparition and accidentally causes the Falcon to jump into hyperspace. While Han is annoyed, Luke manages to pull the freighter out of hyperspace seconds before it hits the planet Naboo.

However, Darth Vader is not so fortunate and Kenobi scares him into crashing his TIE Advanced fighter on Naboo. There, Vader is greeted by Jar Jar Binks and his children Jay Jay, Jee Jee, and Jo Jo. The Gungans cuddle and play with an embarrassed Vader, who remarks that he would not be writing about this day in his diary. While reflecting on his recent adventures to his companions, Luke concedes that he needs help to defeat Vader. Back on Dagobah, Yoda takes this as a sign that Luke is willing to accept guidance. Yoda, Luke, and Vader then sense through the Force that the holocrons are calling out to them from beneath the sands of Tatooine. Several Jawas see the holocrons glowing beneath the sands as well.


It was written by Michael Price, who has written other LEGO Star Wars specials. The special was announced on April 24, 2014 and premiered on Star Wars Day 2014.[1] It was originally announced on February 28, 2014 as Quest for the Holocron.[5]




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