Escape pod 4 was an escape pod aboard the starship Timespan.


Escape podEdit

EscapePodFour 2

Diagram detailing the thrusters of escape pod 4

Escape pod 4 was used by Stuart Zissu, C-3PO, 4B-X and R2-D2 to escape from the Timespan after it was boarded by Imperial stormtroopers looking for Zissu's father, Governor Trux Zissu. The coordinates to Delantine which were supposed to be preprogrammed into the control system were not available. The comm transceiver was inactive and the automated controls did not work.

The escape pod ends up being pulled towards Da'nor because of gravity. The fuel runs out forcing the crew to crash land on Da'nor. While entering the atmosphere C-3PO, 4B-X, and Stuart manage to deploy an emergency parachute and wings to slow their descent enough to crash land.


Once the escape pod had crashed, R2-D2 removed a piece of the hull to be used as an equipment sled. The ground was covered in snow so the sled was easy to pull. In addition, the parachute was also packed for use as a blanket for Stuart.


The boat made from the hull of escape pod 4


Eventually the snow on Da'nor was melted and the sled became too difficult to pull as the group was approaching a river. They were able to use the sled as a makeshift boat with paddles made from smaller pieces of scrap metal and poles made from branches.


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