"Escaping the Scrap Pile" is a comic strip written by Martin Fisher, drawn by Ingo Römling and edited by Gunther Nickel. The story was published in the nineteenth issue of the Star Wars Rebels Magazine series by Egmont UK Ltd, which was released on June 29, 2016.

According to Fisher, the story takes place between the Star Wars Rebels episodes "The Call" and "Homecoming."[4]

Plot summary[]

Chopper wakes up on a planetoid, where he about to be scraped for parts by Davil and Bidvel. Meanwhile on the Ghost, Hera Syndulla, Garazeb Orrelios, and Sabine Wren attempt to find the lost droid, but are attacked by an Arquitens-class command cruiser.

At first Davil and Bidvel do not think Chopper will be worth much, but after realizing that the droid has rebel intel they plot to sell the information to the Galactic Empire, but Chopper is briefly able to escape, and during this time Chopper steals activation codes to reactivate the various droids around the scrap pile. Chopper is recaptured and Davil copies the information into their computers. As Chopper is about to be dismantled the droid activate, and begin to attack the two Xots. A B2-series super battle droid holds Bidvel at blasterpoint, but Davil is able to shot one of the astromech droids. The super droid then shoots Davil with a stun blast and a droideka stops Chopper's destruction.

The Ghost then arrives, seemly having escaped the Imperial ship, and lands. Hera promises to replace any parts Chopper lost, and states she will erase the data on Davil's computers that he stole. Chopper then gives the now rescued droids the idea to form a group to help droids, and they wish for Chopper to stay with them to lead them. Chopper refuses, preferring to stay with his friends, and the group of droids understand, and state that they hope they will meet him again.



Notes and references[]

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