"…Beware the shadows of Esne, goddess of envy and twin of Aivela. Forever eclipsed by her sister's incandescence, she will use her venomous tongue to test the faithful and cull the weak…"
―"The Admonition of Esne," part of a Zakuulan devotional text[src]

Esne was the goddess of envy among the Old Gods, the deities worshiped by the people of the planet Zakuul prior to Valkorion's ascension to Immortal Emperor. One of the four children of Izax and Scyva, Esne was the twin sister of Aivela, the goddess of passion, and Esne's greed and hatred of her sister led her to test the faithful and weed out the weak from among them by inciting jealous and envy. The phrase "Eyes of Esne" was a common metaphor for jealousy among the people of Zakuul.[2]



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