Esok was a Humanoid male who was the leader of Mandalorian clan that came to Dantooine to earn a living.

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"And if I take that helmet from you, I guess that makes me 'Mandalore.' I always wanted to be called that."
―Esok after Mandalore gives his orders[src]

While leading his clan, Esok settled himself on the Khoonda plains at Dantooine following the start of the Mandalorian Wars,[1] trying to make a living. While there, he and his men joined up with a group of war veterans under the leadership of the mercenary Azkul.[4]

When Meetra Surik guided Mandalore the Preserver to Azkul's encampment on Dantooine, just outside of the old ruins containing the Star Map, Esok refused to follow his summons to Dxun, where the Mandalorians were regrouping.[3] Instead, he tried to claim his helmet in an attempt to declare himself Mandalore. However, the new Mandalore proved to be too much for him, and he was killed in the fight. After the display, Esok's warriors agreed to follow Mandalore.[3]

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